Explaining my kintype….

It’s always been a bit confusing telling people what I am and how it works. Especially not without sounding as if I just completely made it up and haven’t been figuring this out for years. Try saying “I’m crytidkin specifically a wereraccoon/werewolf hybrid oh and I’m otherhearted, crytidhearted to be exact.” And I know what you’re thinking, but no it can make sense. As much as I’d love to tell you about my journey of discovering what I identify as that’s probably a topic for another day, this is more about how my identity is what it is and what each of the classifications mean. Some frequently asked questions I’ll be answering include:

  • you’re crytidkin and crytidhearted??
  • but there is no werewolfraccoon crytid…
  • how can you identify as something you don’t believe in?
  • What even is crytidkin?

Good questions… Let me try answering them…

Raccoons might mean nothing in crytizoology but they play a big part in crytid lore. Is there a difference? Yes! Cryptozoology is the study of cryptids wjth the aim of providing their existence. Cryptids refers to creatures of which the existence or survival of is widely disputed. For example Bigfoot, Dover Demon, Nessie, Jersey Devil, Mothman and some classic mythical creatures like unicorns, shape-shifters, vampires and dragons. I don’t believe that many of those creatures exist in this world sadly, the vast majority of them are biologically impossible. However it is important to know that some animals such as the giant squid, the okapi and the platypus were once considered crytids. So not all cryptozoology is nonsense, however it can be linked to conspiracy theories which can be harmful.Cryptid lore is much broader, it refers to the whole concept of crytids and everything associated with them. This includes mythology, folk stories, cryptidcore aesthetic, crytid themed art and crytid related fiction such as Gravity Falls, Tales From The Gas Station, SCP, Stranger Things, Demon Road, Creepypasta and Mystery Skulls. It’s more cryptid lore that I lean into than crytizoology when it comes to my identity. Alright back to raccoons! 🦝🐺Raccoons are typically nocturnal and have a tendency to get into strange places while looking for food. Not to mention all the odd noises. So it’s no surprise that they are often behind so-called ghost sightings. And they make a strong appearance in bits of cryptidcore media. There are plenty of mentions of them in season two of Full Body Chills, although they are not the subject of the scares. In Tales From The Gas Station there are mutant raccoon cryptids such as the enormous red-eyed Rocco and his brood, and in later seasons a green winged almost dragon-like raccoon called Rita. Note also that they are forest animals and dark forests are a classic crytidcore setting. In terms of raccoon themed cryptids there are quite a few, and many are hybrids. For example there’s the Cooncat of Georgia USA sited between 2013-2014. There’s also the Coonigator of Vermont (google him he’s a real sight). There’s also the Montauk Monster who turned out to be a hairless raccoon.

Wolves are another staple of cryptid lore, and I’m specifically part werewolf. So I won’t bore you with The Beasts of Bray Road and of Gévaudan – you probably already know about them. The earliest records I could find of lycanthropy was of a shepard in the Epic of Gilgamesh. The prefix “were-“, coming from the Old English word for “man” (masculine rather than generic), is also used to designate shapeshifters; despite its root, it is used to indicate female shapeshifters as well.

Humans aren’t great at finding cryptids, look at those blurry photos. It’s part of a lot of classic scary stories that people never see the creature again or that it slinks off into the night before its seen. Not to mention that an important aspect of the sub genera is the unknown. So the idea of a new or unknown crytid makes a certain amount of sense. And even if it didn’t it’s still how I feel and can’t change, but this the logical reasoning for my identity.

Although as I said I have said I don’t believe in cryptids being in this world, however if my species does exist out there I think it would be in a parallel universe. I am a strong believer in the concept of a multiverse and am open to the possibly of having lived in a universe similar to that of Tales From The Gas Station, Gravity Falls, et cetera in a previous or future life.

Otherhearted refers to the state of identifying with something rather than as it but on just as deep a level. And yes I identify as one kind of crytid but I relate to and identify with just about all of them. This includes debunked cryptids like Agnes Bowker’s Cat, I still feel a strong connection to them. They are often the ones I feel strongest about, strangely enough, which I think could be part of a parallel universe connection. Although I do find myself drawn towards odd animals and ones previously considered crytids, they don’t strike as deep a chord with me.

Thanks for letting me explain my insane sounding identity to you. I’ll be back with some slightly more interesting topics later. I’ll try to get around to topics like alterhumanity throughout history, why species dysphoria needs to be legally recognized and some living tips for myths, monsters and animals. Have an awesome night you guys!! Let me know if you too have a strange kintype you want to explain or talk about.

\(^o^)/ big hugs for everyone!!

Greetings Everyone!

Dear Everyone,

I identify as an elf/wolf hybrid. I am new here but i have always known what i am but i haven’t truly acknowledged it until last year. I hope to make life-long friendships and hopefully meet people that i can relate to! I hope everyone has had a grreat day!


                                                                                                       Ikeshia Mune

Hello, I’m new!

For those who doesn’t use Discord, I associate myself with dragons and elves. I question myself if I am really an otherkin, but I recall a dream I had being a faerie.. so I made a conclusion that I am not human in spirit. Nice to meet you all!

I am a Time Lord (my story and my true identity)

Unlike some of the members of the Otherkin community I have seen, I felt comfortable at first, when I was a child. I was born human, therefore I was human. Makes sense, right?

But then, I started watching Doctor Who. I didn’t connect with the character of the Doctor, but like him I was very interested in physics and had an extended knowledge of quantum mechanics, and I tended to see other humans as people who cared too much about their emotions and not enough about logic. I always had a great sense of protector, and I would do almost anything to protect my friends, or any humans in the street that is being harassed, attacked or just being lost.

But up to that point, it was just a cool resemblance between me and the Doctor. It was a cool thing. I became obsessed with the show, and at that point, something faint in my chest followed me around, begging to come out, as if a spiritual second heart was faintly beating, calling to its people.

But everything changed when I saw the first episode featuring the Time Lord society. I saw them and immediately felt a connection to them. They weren’t the Doctor’s people. They were my people. And not only did I feel this Gallifreyan patriotism, I also felt angry at them. Gallifrey was ruled by a bunch of incompetent, lying, manipulative old men in funny hats that only seek to make profit off of their starving people. I felt like I needed to protect the oppressed people, my people, stuck in the deserts of Gallifrey.

Even though my body is human, my mind is 100% Time Lord. I’ve always been attracted by advanced physics and the possibility of time travel, and as I read more about the History of Gallifrey, I felt that was way more relevant than the idiotic things we learn in History class.

As of right now, I never expressed my true self to anyone. Time Lords are used to blend in with humans, and I’m a pretty good actor. But my second heart was pounding, pleading and begging for me to tell someone about who I really am. I am 16 now, twice the age of maturity of a Time Lord, and I don’t have any mature Time Lords to get me through my ceremony, so I will have to do it myself. I sadly cannot look through the time vortex to test my dedication, but the concept of time itself has made me scared and curious all my life, and so as a replacement and to prove my worthiness I will accept the inevitability of time (especially without a TARDIS or any regenerations) and therefore face time itself. I shall therefore claim the surname of Commander and, since no one can assign me, I will assign myself to the Prydonian Chapter, that of leadership, quick decision making and extrovertedness.

I’ve never even explored the concept of Otherkin before that point, and I still had a strong prejudice against you guys until I did some research and realised I was part of the community. Hopefully you can all welcome me to this wonderful community!

(As a side note, these Time Lord robes are really cool, I just might purchase some to wear)

New and hoping not to be judged

Hi, I’m new and really actually very nervous about this because I have only talked about it with a few people. Some of whom have thought I was crazy, others, not so much.

I feel like I am or was or…something. Anyway, for the sake of getting through this, I’ll use present tense. I feel as if I am the embodiment of fate. I know that even among otherkin, that may sound crazy. But I thought I might get some opinions as to if that’s even possible or if I really may just be crazy. But I have felt very alone. For most all of my life. It’s hard to be the only one to feel not human, in those around me. So if anyone is interested in talking or friendship, I’m also interested in that as well.


Hello! My name is Stuart, or Blue, whichever is easier. I am a fallen angel and also 2D from Gorillaz. I also happen to be a system. I discovered my otherkinity (is that a word) back in 2018 during a meditation session. I saw an image of an eye opening and then a bunch of 2D memories. How did you find out about it? I’d love to hear. Also, any other angels here?

New and a bit lost

So, I hope I’m doing this right. But I’m a newbie here that identifies as a Faerykin.
I started to have a hunch as to my potential when I was around 12 or 13. I can’t exactly remember the day or time of my “awakening”. Around that time though I began to see things in nature more intuitively. I would always say that I viewed the world through the artist’s eye because of how I would appreciate the very fine details in nature that others take for granted or just don’t plain care to see. Every vein on a leaf, every speckle of shine on a rock, the character of each twig and how they bend. I felt a sense of magic and wonder in the breezy air.
Ever since I was a kid I wish I could fly through the sky, and would love staring up at the clouds letting them carry my thoughts with them. And because of my deep intuition of the earth, I do my best to care for the environment. I love fantasy and often wish I could escape from the human world to be carefree and enjoy life. Dragonflies were another indicator for me. Ever since I was little I liked dragonflies (and about two years ago I realized they were my totem animal/totem guide/spirit animal (whatever you want to call it). I’ve had various of animals that I liked growing up, but dragonflies recently came back into my life. And I read that in some folktales that dragonflies are faery steeds or that if you followed a dragonfly it would lead you to faeries. And a few times there would be dragonflies that would zip right at me or over my head. Which I found to be quite fascinating and peculiar.
When I was around 14 I realized that my shoulder blades were more sensitive than the rest of me, which only strengthened my inner intuition of my self being more than human. So I think that may have been the final switch that got turned on and discover that my spirit is of faerykind.
When I first met my boyfriend of 9 years now, I was worried that my conjecture may scare him off, make him think I’m crazy. But thankfully he wasn’t, and he even accepted that part of me even going as far as brushing my shoulder blades in affection or whenever I feel the change in season approaching or gush about nature he would chuckle and say “That’s my faery girl.”

But now that I’ve come to terms with who I am, there are still some things I want to learn. Like, do faeries have certain elemental affinities? Though I talk about the earth and nature a lot I find that it’s water and air more specifically that I’m drawn to. And do faeries really have wings or are they more like projections of energy/aura? How would I be able to tell what mine look like? Since dragonflies have always been fascinating to me I always pictured having a set of wings like theirs.

We all float down here

Soooo ladies and gentle beings of all shapes and sizes it has come to my attention that as well as being a pedantic prick I’ve also got more entities inside me than i know what to do with. Our names are Nix, Flave, Valarion, Word and “click” although you pronounce the last with just the action… Howdy

I’ve come to this online forum looking for people who live in Canberra (kinda lonely without faces) and people who have the ability to sniff out what on earth i am (lowkey no frick fracking idea). My “condition” is drawing me through circles all around the place and I’ve found myself at more than my fair share of dead ends lately. As for kinship? Nix is the creative arty type,Val is like a giant blackhole of pyschic energy, Flave is the attacker and defender of us all and “click” is the embodiment of my understanding of magic. Word is a scholar and talker.

Any questions please fire away 😀 im just lookin for a friend… or 6.

I’m new and I’m scared

Um… Hello.

I am a fictionkin like many users here, however I’m different, even among this community.

I Googled it, and it seems I’m the only one on the Internet who identifies this way, so I guess I should feel special?

But I’m really scared to come out to anyone, so I thought I could do this anonymously on this website so I could cope with myself. Advice is appreciated, but so is just tolerance. I don’t know what to expect.

I identify as a Pokémon. Specifically, an Absol. I don’t remember when I started feeling this way, but it was after I discovered that Reshiram is my spirit animal. I started finding all sorts of correlations between me and these two Pokémon. It has caused mixed feelings for me, but I accept myself as an Absol now. I have a Timid Nature (I like Sweet foods and hate Spicy foods).

I’ve had visions of my past life as an Absol, where I fell into a Genesis Portal and was reborn in a human body here, like Pokémon Mystery Dungeon in reverse. I want to go back home to the Pokémon world, but at the same time I kind of like opposable thumbs.

Please let me know if there are other Pokémon on this site, or if I’m insane and should keep to myself. Thank you and nice to meet you in advance! ❤️

New here


I’m new to this site and am hoping to get to know some people who I can relate with. I want to be able to talk to people who understand (or are trying to understand) themselves and can help me accept this reality I’ve come to love and fear for years.

New here

Just thought I’d give this a go. Really shy, especially after realizing I’m not normal. Would love to chat with nearby people and maybe meet up. 

so im new here

hello my names tyler and i’m pretty new here…as in i just signed up about 10 minuets ago. I’ve been having some troubles recently just struggling with coming to terms with otherkin and stuff. Ive had dreams but they always leave me more confused and meditation is almost impossible because of my ADHD. Ive experienced phantom limbs before but i just wanted to ask for some tips and more help on here. 

Anything will help, Thank you. 

Phantom Limbs

So I’ve been having these feelings, often enough now of limbs, wings, tail, muzzle, talons. Anywhere else I’d seem insane… But that’s how it is and I hope that here I can say that. I can feel the way they’ll twitch at times to stimulation, the feeling of how my snout picks up more scents than a human nose ever could. I truly, deeply and utterly want the body and scales that plague me non stop, I just want somewhere to speak myself, open up and showcase just what I know I am.

Looking for someone

Hello, my name is Matt and my handle years ago used to be JediMatt1000. I am looking for a former member and I was wondering if anyone might be able to contact him for me or tell him to contact me. His name is Erelin Goodfellow. My e-mail is JediMatt1000@yahoo.com thank you!


Hey there everyone, I am kind of new here. I am a Demon type of Otherkin. I am sorry that I have not updated everyone in quite a while when I first tried to set up an account. I was very busy with my physical human life. I am known by many names, Chaos Bringer being my true name. If you want to know more, please ask or message me! My email address is public, I believe. Hope you have a great day!

New, unsure, hello!

I am 100 percent new to even the idea of this. Someone mentioned to me to check out this community because I’ve always felt out of sync with people. Also and this may sound really bad but don’t take it that way I’ve always said in my head exactly like this that I feel “above” Humans like that and never really though of the ramifications of that ,as if saying I’m not Human again don’t take it wrong. Anyway just exploring possibilities and im ridiculously open minded so hello and I hope to meet some of you at some point !

Looking For Those Willing To Help

Hey everybody,

So I’m a practicing witch of almost 13 years, started pretty young. Well anyways one of my I guess “gifts” that’s not even the right word, better worded I excel in helping others find their past lives, and learning to travel through their own door with control. Well anyways one of the things I’ve been working on to help my practice is how our birth, blood type (and other aspects but I don’t wan to go into much detail)  have pattern behavior in our past life, just a theory of course but the only problem is I don’t have resources to otherkin and part of my theory has a lot to do with that. I would love to meet those willing to help and give some details into their otherkinness. These things would include and are not limited to behavior, abilities, birth chart (I’ll do the hard work with it), and so on. If you have made it this far high five! If anyone would be interested in helping me out I would love that. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and consider doing so.


what am I?

ok so idk what i am and ..im just wierd… i swim wierd …. funny things happen when i sing.. i get wierd dreams… i get hyper when the suns down and i get a longing for blood…. also i have wird fang-like teeth….. please help!… i mean i feel more…. fish? but i have physical …. non human abilitys ig… hard to exsplain….please help


Alright, so I’ve never really given otherkin much thought, but recently, I’ve felt “wings” of some sort even though they aren’t there. When I think about the “wings” moving, I can feel them go through the air. I can also feel people walking “through” them, and when I think of them wrapping around me, it’s like I’m enveloped in a billowing warmth that I can’t explain. So, last thing, whenever I feel a breeze, the only thing I want to do is start flying, and I can’t explain it, like an instinct that has been lost over millennia. Does anyone know anything that might help?

Seeking Like-Minded Others

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to this, so I’m not sure what, exactly, I am. I only know that I am different from most others I meet and do not feel like Earth is my home. I’m well educated in science, so feeling this way contradicts most of what I’ve studied. I’ve felt this way for a while but always tried to rationalize or dismiss it. However, I recently had a spiritual awakening, and as a result, I can no longer ignore my feelings.

I would love to chat with like-minded others, so long as you don’t mind my undefined typology.


Way to contact me

Hi! I figured out a way for you guys to contact me. Im on kik: AngelProperty

Im a combo of water nymph and witch and other things too, not sure what all i am yet tho. Pm me on kik 🙂

Seeking others

Greetings everyone, I just wanted to say thank you for all who are reading and gathering on this site to talk with fellow kin. I have known I was kin since a every young age, but have never came out to the public, as it would put my life in danger, as well to affect the relationship with the ones I have closest to me. Do to this matter, I have finally decided to talk to people in the kin community online, and possibly gain some knowledge. As I continue my journey in this, I am having trouble finding others like me and communicating with them. I live in the state of Louisiana, where there are (that I know of) no one in the kin community (or even therians for that matter) that live near me. As individuals who have been in contact with different kin types more than I have, I would ask for some possible guidance. Just some questions I have on my mind that would help me sleep better at night if I knew the answers, or possible probability. Thank you once again for reading over this post and I hope the ones reading this have a wonderful season.


  • Hello everyone. In this life my name is Jacob. I’m a hybrid of human & dragon. In my past life I was a pure dragon named Zorin where I had a wife & three kids. While I was Zorin the world was divided into humans & dragons. I was one of the few who tried to unite the 2 races. However, I died before I was able to see that happen & now I’m a hybrid. I can feel my wings, tail, & horns even though they’re gone. I’m just trying to find people like me.

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