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It’s always been a bit confusing telling people what I am and how it works. Especially not without sounding as if I just completely made it up and haven’t been figuring this out for years. Try saying “I’m crytidkin specifically a wereraccoon/werewolf hybrid oh and I’m otherhearted, crytidhearted to be exact.” And I know what you’re thinking, but no it can make sense. As much as I’d love to tell you about my journey of discovering what I identify as that’s probably a topic for another day, this is more about how my identity is what it is and what each of the classifications mean. Some frequently asked questions I’ll be answering include:

  • you’re crytidkin and crytidhearted??
  • but there is no werewolfraccoon crytid…
  • how can you identify as something you don’t believe in?
  • What even is crytidkin?

Good questions… Let me try answering them…

Raccoons might mean nothing in crytizoology but they play a big part in crytid lore. Is there a difference? Yes! Cryptozoology is the study of cryptids wjth the aim of providing their existence. Cryptids refers to creatures of which the existence or survival of is widely disputed. For example Bigfoot, Dover Demon, Nessie, Jersey Devil, Mothman and some classic mythical creatures like unicorns, shape-shifters, vampires and dragons. I don’t believe that many of those creatures exist in this world sadly, the vast majority of them are biologically impossible. However it is important to know that some animals such as the giant squid, the okapi and the platypus were once considered crytids. So not all cryptozoology is nonsense, however it can be linked to conspiracy theories which can be harmful.Cryptid lore is much broader, it refers to the whole concept of crytids and everything associated with them. This includes mythology, folk stories, cryptidcore aesthetic, crytid themed art and crytid related fiction such as Gravity Falls, Tales From The Gas Station, SCP, Stranger Things, Demon Road, Creepypasta and Mystery Skulls. It’s more cryptid lore that I lean into than crytizoology when it comes to my identity. Alright back to raccoons! 🦝🐺Raccoons are typically nocturnal and have a tendency to get into strange places while looking for food. Not to mention all the odd noises. So it’s no surprise that they are often behind so-called ghost sightings. And they make a strong appearance in bits of cryptidcore media. There are plenty of mentions of them in season two of Full Body Chills, although they are not the subject of the scares. In Tales From The Gas Station there are mutant raccoon cryptids such as the enormous red-eyed Rocco and his brood, and in later seasons a green winged almost dragon-like raccoon called Rita. Note also that they are forest animals and dark forests are a classic crytidcore setting. In terms of raccoon themed cryptids there are quite a few, and many are hybrids. For example there’s the Cooncat of Georgia USA sited between 2013-2014. There’s also the Coonigator of Vermont (google him he’s a real sight). There’s also the Montauk Monster who turned out to be a hairless raccoon.

Wolves are another staple of cryptid lore, and I’m specifically part werewolf. So I won’t bore you with The Beasts of Bray Road and of Gévaudan – you probably already know about them. The earliest records I could find of lycanthropy was of a shepard in the Epic of Gilgamesh. The prefix “were-“, coming from the Old English word for “man” (masculine rather than generic), is also used to designate shapeshifters; despite its root, it is used to indicate female shapeshifters as well.

Humans aren’t great at finding cryptids, look at those blurry photos. It’s part of a lot of classic scary stories that people never see the creature again or that it slinks off into the night before its seen. Not to mention that an important aspect of the sub genera is the unknown. So the idea of a new or unknown crytid makes a certain amount of sense. And even if it didn’t it’s still how I feel and can’t change, but this the logical reasoning for my identity.

Although as I said I have said I don’t believe in cryptids being in this world, however if my species does exist out there I think it would be in a parallel universe. I am a strong believer in the concept of a multiverse and am open to the possibly of having lived in a universe similar to that of Tales From The Gas Station, Gravity Falls, et cetera in a previous or future life.

Otherhearted refers to the state of identifying with something rather than as it but on just as deep a level. And yes I identify as one kind of crytid but I relate to and identify with just about all of them. This includes debunked cryptids like Agnes Bowker’s Cat, I still feel a strong connection to them. They are often the ones I feel strongest about, strangely enough, which I think could be part of a parallel universe connection. Although I do find myself drawn towards odd animals and ones previously considered crytids, they don’t strike as deep a chord with me.

Thanks for letting me explain my insane sounding identity to you. I’ll be back with some slightly more interesting topics later. I’ll try to get around to topics like alterhumanity throughout history, why species dysphoria needs to be legally recognized and some living tips for myths, monsters and animals. Have an awesome night you guys!! Let me know if you too have a strange kintype you want to explain or talk about.

\(^o^)/ big hugs for everyone!!

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