I am a Time Lord (my story and my true identity)

Unlike some of the members of the Otherkin community I have seen, I felt comfortable at first, when I was a child. I was born human, therefore I was human. Makes sense, right?

But then, I started watching Doctor Who. I didn’t connect with the character of the Doctor, but like him I was very interested in physics and had an extended knowledge of quantum mechanics, and I tended to see other humans as people who cared too much about their emotions and not enough about logic. I always had a great sense of protector, and I would do almost anything to protect my friends, or any humans in the street that is being harassed, attacked or just being lost.

But up to that point, it was just a cool resemblance between me and the Doctor. It was a cool thing. I became obsessed with the show, and at that point, something faint in my chest followed me around, begging to come out, as if a spiritual second heart was faintly beating, calling to its people.

But everything changed when I saw the first episode featuring the Time Lord society. I saw them and immediately felt a connection to them. They weren’t the Doctor’s people. They were my people. And not only did I feel this Gallifreyan patriotism, I also felt angry at them. Gallifrey was ruled by a bunch of incompetent, lying, manipulative old men in funny hats that only seek to make profit off of their starving people. I felt like I needed to protect the oppressed people, my people, stuck in the deserts of Gallifrey.

Even though my body is human, my mind is 100% Time Lord. I’ve always been attracted by advanced physics and the possibility of time travel, and as I read more about the History of Gallifrey, I felt that was way more relevant than the idiotic things we learn in History class.

As of right now, I never expressed my true self to anyone. Time Lords are used to blend in with humans, and I’m a pretty good actor. But my second heart was pounding, pleading and begging for me to tell someone about who I really am. I am 16 now, twice the age of maturity of a Time Lord, and I don’t have any mature Time Lords to get me through my ceremony, so I will have to do it myself. I sadly cannot look through the time vortex to test my dedication, but the concept of time itself has made me scared and curious all my life, and so as a replacement and to prove my worthiness I will accept the inevitability of time (especially without a TARDIS or any regenerations) and therefore face time itself. I shall therefore claim the surname of Commander and, since no one can assign me, I will assign myself to the Prydonian Chapter, that of leadership, quick decision making and extrovertedness.

I’ve never even explored the concept of Otherkin before that point, and I still had a strong prejudice against you guys until I did some research and realised I was part of the community. Hopefully you can all welcome me to this wonderful community!

(As a side note, these Time Lord robes are really cool, I just might purchase some to wear)