Phantom Limbs

So I’ve been having these feelings, often enough now of limbs, wings, tail, muzzle, talons. Anywhere else I’d seem insane… But that’s how it is and I hope that here I can say that. I can feel the way they’ll twitch at times to stimulation, the feeling of how my snout picks up more scents than a human nose ever could. I truly, deeply and utterly want the body and scales that plague me non stop, I just want somewhere to speak myself, open up and showcase just what I know I am.

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  1. Worry not, you may speak your mind concerning yourself here. We are all otherkin who are regularly scrutinized for being noted as “odd” or “strange”, so be the you that you want to be. So few of us don’t have that ability to feel pieces of yourself that aren’t physically visible. You have a good sense of your true and astral form. Never let anyone tell you otherwise

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