so im new here

hello my names tyler and i’m pretty new here…as in i just signed up about 10 minuets ago. I’ve been having some troubles recently just struggling with coming to terms with otherkin and stuff. Ive had dreams but they always leave me more confused and meditation is almost impossible because of my ADHD. Ive experienced phantom limbs before but i just wanted to ask for some tips and more help on here. 

Anything will help, Thank you. 

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  1. Wait
    Do I understand that correctly
    There are multiple people that feel their “nonhumanoid” bodyparts (in my specific case wings, tail, horns, spikes and claws)?

  2. I am quite familiar with the phantasmal limbs you have felt from time to time. They are part of your true identity as an astral being, but were physically disconnected upon your entry to life in human form. I do not know how you yourself view them, but take comfort in whatever types of astral limbs you can feel. They are more a part of you than the human form to which you are bound.

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