Hi, Question about OtherHearted/kin..

I/we are a recently rediscovered plurality (a self-referred noun we’re trying out as dislike ‘system’ for us ;^^)

Our plural and “otherheartedness” is.. unique, and are curious if anyone knows of a otherhearted-type thing that might fit us/me. Asking here as really dislike most forms of social media..

So far the best way weve found to describe our identity succinctly as it is atm is “Human-identified, whom in inner-world and some external perception, can ‘shapeshift’ almost anything- or anyone- almost at will” . ‘scientifically’ we tend to describe this as likely a combination of schizotypy, hyperphantasia, plurality, and maleability..

The actual effect it results in is what feels very much like species ‘ghost sensation’ for whatever form we percieve for ourselves or our surroundings, and outside of stress or panic can control this. This can even be dysphoric , IE treating those as real has emotional effect, though since we can control it this seems to just mean euphoria if it is embraced- rather then consistent dysphoria as a symptom. …this likely applies to “forms” for things external to us, too, even inanimate things or spaces.

It is as if you had a plural person(s) who could shapeshift and control inner world at will, but could also project this externallyat will.. Tho our perceptions to be clear never change vision and only *very* rarely other sensation.

All of this put together feels like itd be at the least ‘effective’ to summarize as like. idk, ‘otherhearted/kin for magical, superpowered shapeshifter’ , if for no other reason then to better summarize our ‘vibe’. But other then creating this creature from scratch- which we arent opposed to, neccesarily..- unsure if theres a good option.

Hence asking here 💗

Thank you. -Lins&, They/them

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