Alright, so I’ve never really given otherkin much thought, but recently, I’ve felt “wings” of some sort even though they aren’t there. When I think about the “wings” moving, I can feel them go through the air. I can also feel people walking “through” them, and when I think of them wrapping around me, it’s like I’m enveloped in a billowing warmth that I can’t explain. So, last thing, whenever I feel a breeze, the only thing I want to do is start flying, and I can’t explain it, like an instinct that has been lost over millennia. Does anyone know anything that might help?

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  1. I’ve felt wings before too. I’ve had multiple dreams where I could fly, some with black wings and others without visible wings. I could normally do things that normal humans can’t (besides the flying of course) which varied. I also believe that at some point, some where I was much more powerful than I am now.

  2. I don’t know if this is something that needs “help” unless it is distressing you or interfering with your life in a negative way. The phantom sensation of wings is pretty common with otherkin – fae, angels, dragons, etc.

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