Looking For Those Willing To Help

Hey everybody,

So I’m a practicing witch of almost 13 years, started pretty young. Well anyways one of my I guess “gifts” that’s not even the right word, better worded I excel in helping others find their past lives, and learning to travel through their own door with control. Well anyways one of the things I’ve been working on to help my practice is how our birth, blood type (and other aspects but I don’t wan to go into much detail)  have pattern behavior in our past life, just a theory of course but the only problem is I don’t have resources to otherkin and part of my theory has a lot to do with that. I would love to meet those willing to help and give some details into their otherkinness. These things would include and are not limited to behavior, abilities, birth chart (I’ll do the hard work with it), and so on. If you have made it this far high five! If anyone would be interested in helping me out I would love that. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and consider doing so.


Dreams vs Reality, Something I Hope Helps.

Read Carefully This is Not a Joke.

**I am not selling anything or spamming!!**

I have been wondering if you all would indulge me a moment? As you all know since I am on this site I am a anthro. Like you all I have fantasies and ambitions in so many shades of grey in various areas of life and being furry or Anthro is one of them. There really is no way for me to ease into what about to say so I am just going to say it. I am curious, if I told you about a path about physically changing into your anthro persona would you listen? Or call bullshit without trying? Well that’s what I want to find out. This path I speak of is not limited to your imagination at all, nor your desire to experience being the animal or anthro you envision. You can do anything with this knowledge, anything. I know, you probably think wholly shit we got a nut job on our hands close the thread and ban hammer this asshole. My friends, I have been studying spirituality, occult, mysticism, religion, etc., for 17 years, and they all taught me a lot. But the path I speak off has no name and transcends flesh, mind, and soul. I want to give the anthro community this knowledge because I feel your community is open enough to see the various truths, I say this from a perspective of soul expansion. Not just because I am into this stuff too. I feel people who feel so strongly about their dreams would like to live out these fantasies and make them into reality, of course I would prefer within reason, common sense, equality, and honor. Without wasting your time anymore let me get to the point. I want to introduce one tidbit of chakra info with you. This meditation takes a total of 10-15 minutes and it opens your third eye just above your eye’s in the center of your forehead, when its open you will FEEL IT. Like someone put their fingers and pressed against your forehead. Now I would encourage anyone reading to look up on google the chakra system and third eye. Research the third eye because this is the exercise I am going to give to you. I REALLY encourage you look up the chakras and third eye and I will guide you through more should you desire. I want to make something clear, I am not telling you this information or pushing it for nefarious purposes, I am not out for your soul or anything asinine like that. I just want to be around like minded who can perform the impossible rather than dream it. I wish to start teaching, and learning at the same time from those I teach. I feel a peaceful Anthro society is but one interest of yours, and its true I don’t know you. But I want to. If none of this does not feel right for you I insist you trust your instincts and not read further. My motivation for doing this is I want to be around people who are of anthro mentality and can do the impossible, I want this network of like-minded anthro’s to participate in a hive energy network in order to make each other stronger and speed up the evolution of body/mind/soul, I wish to start teaching what I know, I wish to learn, I wish to help, I wish to shake-up a little the human experience, and so much more. The planet and certain groups of people are starting to awaken to their true selves during an on-going process known as ascension, whether anyone likes it or not. Without explaining and google at your finger-tips I suggest you look this up. To put it bluntly, it’s a refinement process that happens when your alive that prepares you for the higher realms example, “heaven”. Jesus went through this as did buddha and so many other truth seekers. I will explain all this and more should this forum not only allow this thread but if its members interact with this thread. Control (Darkness) and Freedom (Light) are two necessary components for existence. I can teach all this and more. You don’t have to follow me or listen to me, but at least consider it for yourself. As mentioned below you will find an exercise that is for the awakening of your third eye. This is permanent! It just doesn’t disappear after done! The third eye is but one of seven major chakras in your body going along your spine, there is in fact many chakras. The major seven, the major auxiliary chakras then minors. In fact, they are infinite but awaking one starts the process for others. The third eye is called what it is because it’s the window to your soul and mind. It is the seat of psychic ability and your power. So, make sure you want this in your heart!

Warning: This Meditation is permanent! Once you feel a pressure on your brow this does not just go away, it will pulsate every now and then until the end, but you decide if you end, the reason is because energy is circling and spinning! You woke up your third eye and 6th chakra in the center of your head. This path of enlightenment will follow until all chakras are open and complete! This means even in reincarnation! It will follow you forever until you achieved your true self whatever that may be! Also with ascension there is growing pains that can make you feel like your losing your mind, dying, sick, cannot relate to people, places, or things the same way. I strongly encourage you to look up ascension symptoms as this will also give you important info. I want to make sure if you do this you understand the demanding nature of this path. But trust me it’s worth it!

The exercise: Third Eye and 6th chakra Meditation

  1. Get into a cross-legged position with your hands resting at your side’s or on your kneecaps. Make sure your back is straight and you are comfortable. Sit in a yoga position.
  2. Close your eyes and “GENTLY” look up towards the middle of your forehead. Like your eyes are both connecting to one point. One from the left and one from the right vertically looking towards the center of your forehead. Do this gently and do not strain your eyes! I know this sounds dumb but trust me it’s necessary.
  3. Now, being completely calm focus without strain on this point in the middle of your forehead and count backwards from 100 to 0 normal speed while knowing that the focus from your eyes is directing your energy to this spot and it’s going to awaken your third eye and in turn your 6th chakra as well in the center of you head. The color of this energy point is indigo, or dark purple, for better color reference look it up. You will know if you have success when you feel a pressure in the center of your forehead and head. If this does not work the first time keep trying, remember being calm is a necessary. It took me two tries’ when I first did it 17 years ago.
  4. If all the above went well then congratulations you woke up a portion of your true self and infinite power. You will feel activity in your forehead quite often after this but rest assured it is normal and you are ok. Each chakra has an organ or gland that represents it on the physical, for the third eye it’s the pineal gland in your brain.

Why have I chosen the anthro community? I chose you and this community because while people may think you’re crazy, your actually not! I don’t say this from a position that you are lucky to come across me and my power, knowledge, and wisdom, no I am not a self-righteous bastard, I say this because I feel it’s a right you all should have. I am also aware of the fact that there are some of you who practice magic and that’s great, so I am not implying your uneducated. You are a part of an ever-expanding consciousness of this ascension process and all kinds abnormal things are happening to people. Your desire to be something else like an anthro is normal. Eternity is big lol, so everything and anything is possible let me show you the door if you don’t know it. You’ve shown your courageous enough to be yourself let me show you your own power to expand on that. In doing so I will benefit from the same, there is more I need to learn and I feel this is the best path for me and others. I don’t like being so bold, but like Jesus said “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” He was referring to his teachings. In this day and age, the truth is out there for all you to grab and this saying will not hold truth ever again in the way it used to. The only problem is a quote from myself “A few truths lead to many lies.” The information out there can be tampered with, or completely inaccurate. Reply to this post and ask question I will answer when able, or question this thread I am open to critics. I simply ask, will you join me on this journey? Thanks for reading, hopefully you find this insightful or laughable! 😊 Thanks!

Otherworld Spell

Otherworld, otherrealm.
Join with Mother Earth.
Let mundane energies
Be cast aside
So we may have
No need to hide.
Otherpower, at this hour,
Join our bodies
With our true selves.
May we gain complete remembrance of our very being.
Our magickal souls!
Manannan mac Lir,
remove the Veils,
So we may be as our true selves.
Door be poen!
Veil be gone!
Otherworld magick –
Make us one!

What’s Magic?

To all those who think magic, majik, majick, however it’s spelled this
week, is dead here on Earth…

I hear toothpicks are great at keeping those shut eyes open. You want
glamour and mystical happenings? Fireworks and shooting stars? Bells and
whistles? They’re all around you, every single moment in all sorts of
small and subtle ways that get pushed aside and overlooked, written off
as just the normal stuff that happens, and therefore it must be mundane.
Things move against one another and create friction, friction creates
heat, heat flashes out and causes fire, flames spring up and sear
against a sky spangled with whirling shifting dust particles and gaseous
emissions that sparkle and shine and dance… and this isn’t magic
enough? A small uncomplicated creature makes a light snack of some dry
dirt, and in it’s passing causes that dirt to become a rich, dark soil
which cradles around a tiny acorn, whispering to it about a giant star
which will one day be pulsing through it’s veins as the wind that flows
around it rises and falls, heats and cools, and transforms into the rain
that it will soak up through it’s very skin until it dwarfs the
creatures that even now walk over it’s hiding place, and it will become
a massive oak, a home to more creatures than it could ever imagine…
and this isn’t magic enough? An unhappy creature chooses to walk down to
the store instead of fix themselves something to eat at home, a creature
that feels they have nothing, and on the way runs into another like
themselves, and later on that same creature stands in front of a mirror
laughing and singing and spinning their own glamour around themselves in
a state of glory as they prepare to meet the other, and this too is not
magic enough?

Maybe my perspective is different being what I am. Fair enough. We were
wild, that was the point. The wind and the rain and the sun and the moon
were our magic, music and dancing and laughing and tormenting out under
the stars, that was what we did, that was how we gloried in it all. I
don’t have my wings right now, not physically, I can’t fly like that
now. I can’t make a little dancing light with my hand, not without a
flashlight. Although I can use a flashlight… think about how they
work, that’s pretty impressive really. Science? What’s science? What’s
magic? What’s technology?

Within the Great Hall of the residence of He Who’s Name I Do Not Say
there was an amethyst of impressive proportions, right in the center of
the ceiling that glowed and shone and twinkled. Magic. Whose magic? Our
magic? or our science? Our technology? To me, there is no difference,
there never was, and there never will be. Just labels and terms to keep
this over here possible and that over there impossible or weird or odd.

Magic is just what makes it all special… from predicting the future to
sticking my small hands down into the dirt and smiling, thinking about
that acorn that’s coming. There’s no special talent to feeling the
earth, it’s there, like feeling somebody breathing on your neck. We
always feel it, all of us do…

And to me, that’s magic. So go find some other place to call dead, this
one is alive and kicking, and we, her/his/it’s most naive, immature,
foolish children are kicking right along in tune, and I wouldn’t go
asking what we’re all laughing about either. You probably wouldn’t find
it too funny.

Does Magic Work?

Popular fantasy-fiction and childhood fairy tales have taught us a certain
view of what constitutes magic. Popular psychology discusses the concept
of “magical thinking”, or unconnected cause-and-effect thinking (such as
“if I do A then B will result” with no concrete connection between cause
and effect) as a barrier to true psychological growth. Many of us have
memories of magic that responds immediately and concretely to our
workings. What do all three of these have in common? All three of these
descriptions do not accurately describe what magic is and how it works on
Planet Earth.

For the purposes of this post I will stick to this time and place, this
reality here-and-now. Discussions of what magic did and how it worked in
other times and places are I think best left to a different post.

A large part of magic here consists of what can be loosely termed “mental
alchemy”. To put it into simpler terms, the magic worker creates the
process of magic by altering one’s own perceptions. Thus, magic here works
best when applied to oneself or one’s own situation.

Magic here is both very powerful and very, very subtle. It is internal,
drawing as much upon the will and consciousness of the practitioner as upon
the external energies of the world. The process of magic must therefore
take into consideration both the true will of the practitioner and the
ambient energies available to fuel the process, or the process
fails. Hence, the prime commandment for the successful working of magic:
“Know Thyself.”

Self-knowledge is critical to the success of magical working. You must
first and foremost know what you truly desire, and to know this you must
know who you are. By who you are I don’t mean what spiritual race; that
is almost incidental. I mean you must know how you will feel, how you will
react, what your philosophies are, what does and does not matter to
you. You must know all the light and dark sides of yourself and be at home
in your own skin. You can of course work magic successfully without this
self-knowledge. It happens all the time. Without it, though, your efforts
will produce unexpected or inconsistent results. Knowing oneself is thus a
primary focus and goal for successful magic, and it is one you would
ideally be working toward your entire life. Magic is powered by the
energies of where you are but it is focused and directed by your own
consciousness, and your subconscious. If you undertake a magical
working to bring about something you do not truly desire for yourself but
rather have convinced yourself you should want then at best your working
will fail. At worst you’ll find yourself in a situation where you now have
something you either don’t like, don’t know what to do with or got at a
price you wouldn’t have paid had you known.

I’ll relate a tale out of my own experience. Samhain 1992 I did my usual
yearly solitary ritual for the coming year and to bid farewell to the
passing one. One thing I had been trying to accomplish for about three
years at that point was to be able to sell my house and move to Connecticut
to be with the man who is now my husband. To that end, when I made my
yearly intentions I poured a huge amount of energy and passion into forming
that one. All the signs indicated that my request had been Heard and
favorably looked upon. This was in October. By March of 1993 I was indeed
living in Connecticut, however the circumstances that brought that about
were in retrospect so painful and difficult that had I an inkling
beforehand I’d have left well enough alone, and brought this change about
in some other, more mundane way. Looking back, I realize that I had
without realizing it projected some of my frustrations with my then-current
situation into my working, and that when I made my intention I had
deliberately left the reality of those situations out of the picture
instead of incorporating them into the picture in a responsible way. Yes,
the magic took those things out of the picture … in a painful way. So,
the importance of Knowing Thyself was brought home to me very, very sharply.

A critical and fundamental key to magic is to embrace the understanding
that your subconscious is a powerful tool which can be programmed. It is
for this reason that visualization is such an important tool in your
magical repertoire. You can pick up a powerful obsidian athame, make a wand
out of oak and copper, bear a silver sword and drape yourself in crystals
all you want; if you can’t visualise your intention then you can’t program
your subconscious to work on your behalf in making that intention a
reality. Again, knowing thyself is paramount to that process. One
effective technique for programming that I have found particularly useful
is to spend some time in meditation, focusing on what I am seeking to bring
about in my own life and then spending some time letting the images and
thoughts flow around that intention. This assists me in discovering if the
intention is something I truly want. I often do this several times and it
has become part of the mental preparation process for me. Once I have
explored those thoughts and images I try to anchor them as firmly as
possible into my conscious reality. One way of doing this is to embark
upon a pre-ritual meditation using music, incense, etc… things that will
bring you somewhat back to your physical reality. I then enter into the
meditative state with these reminders around me of the physical universe I
inhabit, and once again focus on the images and thoughts I have discovered
through my earlier meditations. By holding those images while remaining
aware of the physical universe around me I can bring them into my conscious
thought process and anchor them there.

During the ritual process, as I form my intentions and visualize them I
return to the thoughts and images I anchored during my pre-ritual
meditation. By now these will have been reinforced several times and have
become part of my conscious experience as well as my subconscious one. By
reinforcing this I am in effect programming my subconscious mind to bring
about in me the state of mind that will allow me to embrace the changes I
am seeking to make. Once my ritual has ended that subconscious programming
remains and will continue to effect the things I do and the decisions I
make. Over time this will ideally trigger me to choose courses of action
that will in the end bring about my desire.

It can be argued that this isn’t magic, it’s psychology. And yet magic and
psychology go hand in hand in this context. Because we are the prime
ingredient in any magical working, the psychology of how we think and
function is inextricable from the process. Knowing thyself, knowing how
you think and feel truly, understanding what it is you want and what you
are willing to do to accomplish it is the difference between success and
failure in magic. Otherwise you can be surrounded with the most magical
flow of energies ever found on Planet Earth and you lack the tools and
understanding to do anything with that. Magic exists, but only that. It
is a static force until we make it an active, dynamic force in our own

Magic exists, and it works. The magic of this world is a powerful and
subtle force. But we must use the proper tools to utilize it and the
primary tool is our own mind. Proper use of the tool requires abandoning
the old ideas of what magic should be, and growing in one’s understanding
of what it is.

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