the sounds of waves drifting across the stormy seas of my mind

the distant smell of saltwater mixing with the lakes frothing, teaming with iridescent cold blooded creatures

the feeling something is missing something stolen without a sign something, im sure as my own mind is mine, my skin feels like something other then what my heart in my mines eye sees,

stranded, the feeling of being stranded on the land in a world of strange customs and styles that seem alien and absurd in some way even as i seem to have grown up with them

feeling as if becoming what i do not see in the mirror will somehow make the hole in my chest disappear

twisting the movement of my ankles locking together as i swim… why do eyes stray to my direction as my body moves under the waves, why do my legs twist in a way that feels and seems impossible and at the same time instinctive and natural as soon as i touch the water

is my picture in my soul and in my heart of what i am when im under the sea just my imagination or is it something more… for i to have ….to be a creature of the lakes and seas… to play in the waves and dine on the scaled creatures that swim along side me and act as my playfellows playing endless games of chase… why is it i can almost feel no, i do feel a tail instead of these flimsy legs when the liquid envelopes me as i dive into the murky depths of a strangely comforting and familiar world



Hearth welcome

A hearth for those of mythic heart
Fae-born, Elf-souled, from Otherworld,
Of dragons’ power, angels’ grace,
Chimaeric beasts of eld,
Shifting folk of fur and tail,
Spirits of the living Green,
Of shadows or celestial light,
Tribe of Danu, Aes Sidhe–

A hearth:
For those who walk ‘midst humankind
Oft times unseen, sometimes ill used,
Who know they are of Other kind;
And for such friends as they may choose–

A hearth:
Where may enchanted mead be drunk
In sparkling light of Under-Hill
And peace beneath the stars be found
For those who enter with good will.

Shine forth the ancient Dreaming of the Earth!
Be lit the hearth!

O God (a poem) (Yes, it’s about fallen angel otherkin.)

O God
what is this thing
that has crept from depths below

that we in wisdom call hate

O God
who is this child
that stands before me
and laughs

to scorn my wicked fate

O God
what is this punishment
for the crime
of which you remain silent

and guilt me of my wrong

O God
What is this emotion
that I fear is sinful
of which you never taught me

of being unable yet yearning, to


Broken Toys

The alwaysweres, the nevergones
We fix the broken toys
The cast-off fineries worn like jewels
The tossed-aways adorn our brows
You smile and laugh and pat our heads
And say that you are like us too
When you have time that is.
Want to, wish to, cannot yet
Fog on water, insubstantial
And we don’t buy it anymore.
Your toy soldiers are dead to you
You killed them, not the world
Those stuffed animals won’t speak to you
You refuse to hear them
And you cry, and say you wish to have back
All that you lost before
We don’t buy it anymore.
When the world is dark and dreary
And the blandness overcomes
And the mundane crushes souls
And children cry when dreams are torn
And unicorns retreat away
And hidden from you are the Fey
You wring your hands again and say
If only I could dream again.
You killed them all, not the world
Your walls could easily unfurl
With just a word, but you stay silent
And we don’t buy it anymore

For a Changing World

This poem was written shortly after getting
back from a walk through the woods in Cary, NC, witnessing the
clearcutting and destruction, but also the new growth, the clean
air by the waters and a sense of those things just beyond sight.

I will live among the dead, and the dying
Those that know, and those that remain unaware
I will mourn their passing
But I will not join them
I will walk among the blinkered, and the blind
Those who chose, and those who had no choice
I will grieve their sight
But I will not join them
I will look upon the destruction, and the destroyed
Those who won, and those who lost
I will sorrow for their passing
But I will not join them
I will dance among the mad, and the maddened
Those who laugh, and those who cry
I will help them seek their sanity
But I will not join them
I will laugh among the sun-touched, and the star-lit
Those who are young, and those who are old
I will revel in their presence
They I will join.

Chapter’s End

The book of our solitary walkings
Draws nigh to a close…
And for ages we have walked alone:
Forgetful and longing in turn
For the days at hand, what was and yet will be.
As another walks to a circle by the fire
Another chapter closes
Another path comes full circle,
Andother solitary light burning bravely
Becomes one of a million stories
In a naked city of life and dream.
Can another lovely star
Join the all-star cast
Of a film that never ends?
Pick up a script and play one role…
Play it with all the depth and passion of a feature part
Without stealing the show?
We all think ourselves to be fine critics,
Learned and clever at discourse,
But if our essays teach us aught, it is this,
and we do well to listen:
Live life like Art
Breathe Art like Life
It is said that our life
is but the artful imitation of life,
And well we know that life imitates Art.
The treasure of a dream remembered
The shining center of an endless story
Becomes now a jewel in a crown of many jewels
A star in an endless sea of stars
A wave on an ocean of still Truth
One voice in a throng… or a chorus.
We have held the sparks that dared
Ever have we been the tinder that burned alone against the dark
To exhaust our selves, defiant to the last, burning against overwhelming forgetfulness.
Come together we have, to kindle a brighter fire.
Still, we must join to light a log of substance,
A flame that will endure through our lives to come
Until the light returns.
The oak that was we burn at Yule,
The tree that grew in times we knew
Will turn the Wheel again
But we cannot burn what we will not bear
What we fear to touch
Will only waste and rot…
Seasons change, trees die and are reborn…
In the wild places they hold the past for us…
And like the trees,
Born of freedom,
Our roots run deep
Lest we be washed away.
We are Faeries.
We are the wise folk,
The non-sense folk.
We are the free folk, ever changing.
We wear the green coats of ages past
We are Free… to remember.
Free enough to take our endless roles
In an eternal play.
And together we can bring a tear,
A sign, a gasp, a fright, a laugh,
To the heart of the Dream.
Gather around, ye Tybalt, Verrocchio, Hamlet, and Shylock,
Titania and Titus, Rosencrantz and Second Guard, Caesar and Soothsayer,
Falstaff and Rosalind and Porter and Herald,
Prospero, Juliet, Duncan, all…
The curtain’s coming up.

Cheerful Thoughts

A cool breeze blowing,
The snowflakes falling,
A sweet voice calling.
Joyous music plays,
Many happy faces,
Dancing with the fae.
Moving around the circle,
Shades of blue and purple,
Silken scarves move in the wind.
Laughing I join the others,
All my sisters and brothers,
Around the bonfire with love.
We may not all be similar,
But we are together,
Because of our fae blood.

Child of the Universe

I am a child of the storm
a spirit of darkness
a catalyst.
I live in the night
forgotten and betrayed by the day.
The moon is my only light
as I wander this world alone.
I am bound to my task
by vows as old as time.
I am a child of the night
ethereal incarnate as mundane,
I can only fight
and dance the winds
as the storm rises.
I am a child of power,
fire runs in my veins.
I am meant to be free
as wild as the elements,
unfettered by mortal values
by time.
I am a child,
the universe stands before me.
All knowledge,
all power,
all future is mine.
I am a child of possibility
all is mine.
I run to the storm.
I run to the night.
I run to the winds.
I am a child of darkness
and I am free.

Children of the Stars

When the Universe was young we were old.
Our home long ages gone, we lived among the stars.
We did not know fear, we did not know pain.
We simply were.
We sang as Gaia was born.
We gave her life.
She grew under our watchful eyes.
We knew joy.
She grew in beauty and swelled with life.
We cradled her in our arms as she gave birth.
We were joyful.
We sang her children lullabies.
We stood ready when they took those first fragile steps.
We knew joy.
Sadness came when Gaia’s children forgot.
They abused their mother.
We knew sadness.
We came to her children, to protect and to guide.
The Elf, the Hobbit, the Fey, the Vampyre, the spirit.
Wiccan, wizard alike we took form.
We came to help and to give hope.
We were scorned, we were hated.
We knew pain.
We knew fear.
Together we hid, under rock, under ground.
In the sacred sanctuary of the trees.
Gaia mourned for her children, Gaia mourned for us.
We did not mourn.
Many aeons we waited, centuries untold, time has no meaning for us.
We will always be reborn.
The children are awakening.
They are remembering.
We come together, we take up the call.
Hark the call of the awakening.
Remember the ancient songs, take up the melody.
Help the children remember.
Children of the Stars, AWAKE!

The Coming Of An Age

Elves and Dragons
Celestials and Fae
Walk yet among Us
On the Earth Today
Something else I notice
with every passing year
more and more become awakened
And something seems quite clear
That something is approaching
a time for all us as kin
shall go hand and hand
And with Our Magicks Mend
The Earth and this Realm
will be conjoined with our Own
The Coming Of The Age
When Physically we’ll Walk Home
Oh what a grand time it will be
when we’re passing through the veil again Rejoice now in Unity
Now let’s Begin
Too weave the threads of fate once more
and do the goddess’ will
too spread the truth and magicks wide
So we can all begin too heal
That which has been long broken by man
and clear away the myths and lore
Tell her Children Of The Truths
And Unseal The Mystic’s Door.

Eyes Unclouded

I am more than I seem.
To the eyes, a girl,
Small, a grin at her lips,
A flicker of playfulness in her eye.

But to the soul…
I am the coyote,
The hunter, the runner,
The trickster, the teacher,
The seeker of wisdom, the walker of paths untrodden…

I gaze to the stars and call them by name,
I run amongst the clouds and wind,
I search for others,
Seeking to teach, to guide,
And still, to learn.

This is my body, my skin is true.
I walk upright, I sing, I speak,
But in my heart and in my dreams,
I have always been, and always will be
The coyote.

A Darkness Falls

A darkness falls
Across the lands,
The merry halls,
I clasp my hands
A light erupts,
A darkness falls
And it corrupts,
A darkness calls,
I make my light,
The blue shines out,
Prepares to fight
A darkness grows,
Light fades away,
Fire burning blue
Unto the fray,
I spread my wings,
Soar up on high,
A burning blue
Fighting the sky,
A darkness spreads
Around my soul,
The darkness spreads,
Evicts my soul.


The world becomes most magickal
like frost is dripping with etherical dew when I am walking along
enchanted forest paths with the likes of you
We belong within this realm
with horns and leaves in our hair
dancing, kissing, laughter ringing
walking in caves and The gnomes lair
Who will know
just who we’ll meet
when we go a troopin’ through?
I don’t mind
For I am enchanted, glamoured
when by my side Is you.
I know with some odd disillusion
That I am dreaming and i hope I’ll not wake
I wish too stay right where we are
making love in this tarn green lake
Don’t you agree
do you want too stay
where faeries like us taunt you all the day?
Say you love us, make things merry
In The world of Faery.


forest deep
redwood’s height
river swift
stars bright
lights glow
colour spins
flame leaps
dance begins
hands clasp
voice sings
fingers pluck
harp strings
majik flows
majik flies
moon’s light
laughter, sighs
couples, then
ancient dance
sacred cauldron
bleeding lance
faery majik
flowing far
living dreams
dreams are

The Faerie Trick

Across the fields and forests lay
A land named faerie, tucked away…

A farmer passed a hollow tree
And stepped within to closer see;
But how I ask, could he have known
The ancient tree led to Faerie home?

Through the tree a farmer stepped
Into a forest the faeries kept…

And out he stepped into the light,
Upon a path that shimmered bright
The farmer knew that he should stay
Lest the ‘Little people’ lead him astray.

Within the trees the faeries watched,
Waiting to make the farmer lost…

Farther down the glowing path
He chanced upon a maidens bath,
Bewitched was he and closer crept,
Til close enough, and then he lept.

The maiden was a faerie trick
And the farmer lost the path of brick…

The faeries led this man astray
Off the path to loose his way,
To wander the forest forever more
To search for the Fae-maiden he saw.

So do not stray from the path my friend,
Or be forever lost until your end…

Faerie Warning

Faeries dance with moonbeams
Inside the mushroom ring.
Can you hear them calling?
Do you hear them sing?
Gossamer gowns of spiders silk
Wings of silver and golden light
Entice them in with honeyed milk
They’re invisible to mortal sight.
Elven mounds and mushroom rings
Magical doorways to their realm
Enchantment guards both these things
And all you see is a stately elm.

Mortal, mortal stay away
Or never more be seen
Stay away from the lands of the fey
And live to remember yester’en.

Faeries’ Song

Peace by Peace
We walk this land
Heart and Heart and
Heart in Hand
See the glow of Faeries Light
Deep in shadow
Full of might
Heart and Heart and
Heart in Hand
I am a faery who shall protect this land
Deep of summer
Autumn Night
Colds of Winter
You shall see my light
Then comes Spring
I spread my wings
Happy as I frolic To and Fro
Here is where you should not go
Though if it harm none do what you will
But if you harm me as I go
As I frolic To and Fro
Expect a spell and expect it fast
Expect your butt down in the grass
If you harm the deer while I’m away
Expect trouble night and day
For protecting is the faery way
That is all I have to say

Fires of His Eyes

In the fires of his eyes
In whispered words so sage and wise
Under ancient forest ceiling
Feel this strange and glorious feeling
Feel the touch, the soft caress
The whispered velvet of his breath
The feel of petal soft lips to mine
And feel the touch of the silken line
That holds his charm to my breast
And now my heart knows no rest
As I sit and dream of the faerie king
His silver hair and sights unseen
Of ancient voices soft as lutes
To which we mortals are as mutes
And if I am left with naught but dreams
To live my life wondering what it means
Then when I tire of this life and die
My spirit to faerie lands will fly
To sing forever, play and run
With immortal youth;
with midnights son.

Gloomy Day

Hear the song of the forest, the whisper of the trees.
Your heart racing with the slightest breeze.
The fairies sing and dance, to enchant the gloomy day,

While all the creatures of nature begin to play.

The sun creeps though a shroud of fog,
Whilst pixies dance upon a fallen log.

The elements in their form rejoice,
Singing in harmony with their gracious voice.

The wind doth blow with strength and might,
With vigor the trees of earth stand tight.

The spirits of nature applaud and cheer, with delight,

As the rain falls reviving everything in sight.

The flames of the fire dance in response to the strife
They are welcome here too, for all elements and
creatures (even you)
are a part of the circle of life.

How Do I Tell?

Dark, foreboding shadows steal my sleep and nght
Leave me with an empty gnawing at first morning’s light
Memories of forgotten times laying just beyond recall
Teasing my memory and sanity, hauntingly they call
Broken flashes of long ago break the sullen, silent air
Glimpses caught out of the corner of my eye, turning around, they’re not there.
Long buried thoughts and memories, nightmares come to life
Burst of fear and woe and loss and grief, indecision, doubt and strife
Or are they merely senseless images? Imagination become real
Flights of boyhood fancy? Someone tell me. How do I tell?


It is better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all
It is better to died
Than never lived
They do not understand
The passing days
Dragging life into oblivion
A day, an hour, at a time
Mortal bodies
Crumbling unto dust
Around a living mind
How could you do this to us?
Your children of the tenth generation
The blood weak in out veins
Touched by faerie
No longer of it.
Was it worth it?
A minute
An hour
A lifetime
Did you think of us?
Your children
Touched by forever
Condemmed to die
Sword thrust for sword thrust
Smooth thighs clenched around our throats
Passions sweat for us to drown in
Passion and strength of otherwhere
Bound by mortal flesh
Doomed to fade before blooming
What have you done to us?
How did we become this?
Why are we here?

The Last Ones

Fading dreams.
All that is left
Of the death throws of a dying race
On the surface
There is new growth
Branching out into a cold, unwelcoming world
Inside something is lost
Withering, empty
Starved of magic, and hope
So we fade from this world
Childless. Alone.
Even as the barest echos of us
Believe we thrive, born anew.
The movement is not new life
But the passing of old
One last spasm
Before the end.

No Shelter

Where does it come from?
This human instinct
To try, when hope is gone.
To fight, long after the battle is lost.
They depend on me
For strengh
For shelter from the world
For echos of pasts and futures
Yet fail to understand
There is no shelter from the coming storm
No Shinning Host to ride against the darkness
My strength comes from mortal blood
My proffered comfort from blackened wings
Despair my constant companion
For the devil will take the hindmost
He already has me.


I am not you,
I am other,
When you lay down to sleep,
I wake.
In your light of day,
Your skin can be soft,
Your eyes do not see,
Things in the dark,
Your claws do not have to be sharp,
In your light of day,
I am not there.
When I awake,
My eyes see movement within the dark,
My fur keeps me warm,
My claws are easily unsheathed,
I prowl through the world,
That you can not see,
Surrounded by grey.
At that first light of day,
I lay down to sleep,
Your body stirs,
Alive with it’s weakness.
You cannot live in the dark,
I cannot fight in the light,
You are not me,
But I am of you.

Otherworld Spell

Otherworld, otherrealm.
Join with Mother Earth.
Let mundane energies
Be cast aside
So we may have
No need to hide.
Otherpower, at this hour,
Join our bodies
With our true selves.
May we gain complete remembrance of our very being.
Our magickal souls!
Manannan mac Lir,
remove the Veils,
So we may be as our true selves.
Door be poen!
Veil be gone!
Otherworld magick –
Make us one!


It took twenty years to find your shadow
‘Fore she sewed it on,
And you’re much too big to fly by now.
Poor Tinkerbell is gone.
The Lost boys are now all grown up
And looking to get hired.
You could be like them you know,
If combed and re-attired.
Your impudence has never dulled,
Your tongue could split a hair.
To make sure Time won’t come too close
you slice it through the air.
Boy, why are you crying?
is Neverland so far?
Or have you forgotten how to fly
and there’s no route by car?

Untitled poem in Quenya

Glorsoron atar celndu
a varda vilya!
oranta ramamel le
himsul pella i earon dinalin
tuile edri galenramar
aidar lissilin ne silivren ered
anna anara
tintiliel telprin coire iore

(Golden eagle feather float down from on high
O exalted sky!
lift up winglove to thee
cool winds beyond the great sea sing silent
spring opens green wings
trees sing sweetly on shining mountains
gift of the sun
sparkles silverlike stirring the heart)


did you hide my wings?
can I have them back?
so I can fly up high.
why can’t I reach the sky?
why are my paws not grey?
can’t we please go hunting today?
my hands can’t handle this.
they won’t obey
when you were little,
did the dragons soar?
did they whirl and dive?
why don’t they come anymore?
have you ever seen a faerie?
or maybe a nymph in the rain?
I want to see my old friends again.

Raven’s Child

Ravens child beware the green
and golden bowers
For the faerie folk do dwell there and
Moonlights son is King
Stay away from crystal brooks and silver
spired towers
Can you not feel the danger when you see
the mushroom ring
Raven’s child he waits for you
Silver haired is the fairie lord
Eyes of moondust misty blue
Speaks in silken voice the faerie word
Wandering under the emerald bough
In the blackest dead of night
Searching for that which will not show
Its shining face to mortals sight
And silver haired Moonlights son
Will hand in hand with faeries dance
Till Lady Night has had her fun
And will take no note of happenstance
And Ravens’ child will wander through
To dance inside the mushroom ring
Underneath stately oaks and emerald bough
Where Moonlight’s son is faerie king
And come the dawn they’ll be no more
And mortals’ daughter Raven’s child
will have gone away
With silver haired Moonlight’s son
through the elven door
That leads to the realms of ereafter
and the lands of Fey.

New Report