the sounds of waves drifting across the stormy seas of my mind

the distant smell of saltwater mixing with the lakes frothing, teaming with iridescent cold blooded creatures

the feeling something is missing something stolen without a sign something, im sure as my own mind is mine, my skin feels like something other then what my heart in my mines eye sees,

stranded, the feeling of being stranded on the land in a world of strange customs and styles that seem alien and absurd in some way even as i seem to have grown up with them

feeling as if becoming what i do not see in the mirror will somehow make the hole in my chest disappear

twisting the movement of my ankles locking together as i swim… why do eyes stray to my direction as my body moves under the waves, why do my legs twist in a way that feels and seems impossible and at the same time instinctive and natural as soon as i touch the water

is my picture in my soul and in my heart of what i am when im under the sea just my imagination or is it something more… for i to have ….to be a creature of the lakes and seas… to play in the waves and dine on the scaled creatures that swim along side me and act as my playfellows playing endless games of chase… why is it i can almost feel no, i do feel a tail instead of these flimsy legs when the liquid envelopes me as i dive into the murky depths of a strangely comforting and familiar world



Cheerful Thoughts

A cool breeze blowing,
The snowflakes falling,
A sweet voice calling.
Joyous music plays,
Many happy faces,
Dancing with the fae.
Moving around the circle,
Shades of blue and purple,
Silken scarves move in the wind.
Laughing I join the others,
All my sisters and brothers,
Around the bonfire with love.
We may not all be similar,
But we are together,
Because of our fae blood.


The world becomes most magickal
like frost is dripping with etherical dew when I am walking along
enchanted forest paths with the likes of you
We belong within this realm
with horns and leaves in our hair
dancing, kissing, laughter ringing
walking in caves and The gnomes lair
Who will know
just who we’ll meet
when we go a troopin’ through?
I don’t mind
For I am enchanted, glamoured
when by my side Is you.
I know with some odd disillusion
That I am dreaming and i hope I’ll not wake
I wish too stay right where we are
making love in this tarn green lake
Don’t you agree
do you want too stay
where faeries like us taunt you all the day?
Say you love us, make things merry
In The world of Faery.


forest deep
redwood’s height
river swift
stars bright
lights glow
colour spins
flame leaps
dance begins
hands clasp
voice sings
fingers pluck
harp strings
majik flows
majik flies
moon’s light
laughter, sighs
couples, then
ancient dance
sacred cauldron
bleeding lance
faery majik
flowing far
living dreams
dreams are

The Faerie Trick

Across the fields and forests lay
A land named faerie, tucked away…

A farmer passed a hollow tree
And stepped within to closer see;
But how I ask, could he have known
The ancient tree led to Faerie home?

Through the tree a farmer stepped
Into a forest the faeries kept…

And out he stepped into the light,
Upon a path that shimmered bright
The farmer knew that he should stay
Lest the ‘Little people’ lead him astray.

Within the trees the faeries watched,
Waiting to make the farmer lost…

Farther down the glowing path
He chanced upon a maidens bath,
Bewitched was he and closer crept,
Til close enough, and then he lept.

The maiden was a faerie trick
And the farmer lost the path of brick…

The faeries led this man astray
Off the path to loose his way,
To wander the forest forever more
To search for the Fae-maiden he saw.

So do not stray from the path my friend,
Or be forever lost until your end…

Faerie Warning

Faeries dance with moonbeams
Inside the mushroom ring.
Can you hear them calling?
Do you hear them sing?
Gossamer gowns of spiders silk
Wings of silver and golden light
Entice them in with honeyed milk
They’re invisible to mortal sight.
Elven mounds and mushroom rings
Magical doorways to their realm
Enchantment guards both these things
And all you see is a stately elm.

Mortal, mortal stay away
Or never more be seen
Stay away from the lands of the fey
And live to remember yester’en.

Faeries’ Song

Peace by Peace
We walk this land
Heart and Heart and
Heart in Hand
See the glow of Faeries Light
Deep in shadow
Full of might
Heart and Heart and
Heart in Hand
I am a faery who shall protect this land
Deep of summer
Autumn Night
Colds of Winter
You shall see my light
Then comes Spring
I spread my wings
Happy as I frolic To and Fro
Here is where you should not go
Though if it harm none do what you will
But if you harm me as I go
As I frolic To and Fro
Expect a spell and expect it fast
Expect your butt down in the grass
If you harm the deer while I’m away
Expect trouble night and day
For protecting is the faery way
That is all I have to say

Fires of His Eyes

In the fires of his eyes
In whispered words so sage and wise
Under ancient forest ceiling
Feel this strange and glorious feeling
Feel the touch, the soft caress
The whispered velvet of his breath
The feel of petal soft lips to mine
And feel the touch of the silken line
That holds his charm to my breast
And now my heart knows no rest
As I sit and dream of the faerie king
His silver hair and sights unseen
Of ancient voices soft as lutes
To which we mortals are as mutes
And if I am left with naught but dreams
To live my life wondering what it means
Then when I tire of this life and die
My spirit to faerie lands will fly
To sing forever, play and run
With immortal youth;
with midnights son.


It took twenty years to find your shadow
‘Fore she sewed it on,
And you’re much too big to fly by now.
Poor Tinkerbell is gone.
The Lost boys are now all grown up
And looking to get hired.
You could be like them you know,
If combed and re-attired.
Your impudence has never dulled,
Your tongue could split a hair.
To make sure Time won’t come too close
you slice it through the air.
Boy, why are you crying?
is Neverland so far?
Or have you forgotten how to fly
and there’s no route by car?

Raven’s Child

Ravens child beware the green
and golden bowers
For the faerie folk do dwell there and
Moonlights son is King
Stay away from crystal brooks and silver
spired towers
Can you not feel the danger when you see
the mushroom ring
Raven’s child he waits for you
Silver haired is the fairie lord
Eyes of moondust misty blue
Speaks in silken voice the faerie word
Wandering under the emerald bough
In the blackest dead of night
Searching for that which will not show
Its shining face to mortals sight
And silver haired Moonlights son
Will hand in hand with faeries dance
Till Lady Night has had her fun
And will take no note of happenstance
And Ravens’ child will wander through
To dance inside the mushroom ring
Underneath stately oaks and emerald bough
Where Moonlight’s son is faerie king
And come the dawn they’ll be no more
And mortals’ daughter Raven’s child
will have gone away
With silver haired Moonlight’s son
through the elven door
That leads to the realms of ereafter
and the lands of Fey.


A mournful sprite of mischievous content.
The darkness from within curves the truth to be bent.
A wild thing with dreams of fantasy,
the pleasures of the world to bring her ecstasy.

“By thy pain you are enlightened,
the object of affection to be frightened.
Given a tease of what it can be,
the obsession of fear now controls me.”

Why the others could not be as is she, because they
fail the truth to see.

While they gallop and play, as they do in their way,
her darkness creates a distance she must stay.

Why should she feel the outcast after all,
it is they who are weak, they who will fall.

Yr Tyllwdd Teg Ô y’Coed

Shimmering golden dappled greens
light falling leaves shifting
eyes watching forest far away
birds windchimes churchbells
ears hearing closely listening
sweet spirits love beauty hope
singing trees walk through shade
bring the Dryads and the Naiads
and Satyrs dance in sunbeams
swirl and be real embodied
light footsteps approaching
large eyes keen bright deep
see the forest Faeries
wood green warm moist patchouli
body of tree strong, light
water fresh bluewhite silver cold bursting
life giving life sustaining life’s blood.
earth dark cool Mother Lady musky flowers
womb of nature, lover of the Heavens.
sky star shiver darkness blue
beauty indefinable lover of the Earth.
air bright birdsong yellow and gold ethereal
transparent movement, breath of continents.
fire burner destroyer red gold orange
renewer cleanser bringer of warmth.
spirit all life all mind
all that screams and knows anything.
stone solid unchanger, silicon thinker,
deep synapses of Lady Gaia.
mental sharp cutter, Elf bane, bitter taste
knife and sword, ploughshare and hoe.
all elements celebrated
Faerie dance moonlight now
cooler water flowing laughs joy
Fae on the nightwings
travel astral dragonpaths and leylines
Faeries of the Wood
know feel live believe.


Born of the twilight
Children of the coming night
and the dawning sun.
Flower and blood and bone
spirit essence, dawn’s flight…
Blooming of the sacred seed…
Workers of the secret magics
the dark side of the moon,
clouds over the stars,
the first laughter of a child,
the quiet stir of the last breath.
I call thee all to me,
to bloom, to nourish,
to calm, to strengthen
to Protect.
Seeds of my soul,
watered by tears of joy and pain,
grow on love and sorrow.

Fluff Bunny and the Sidhe

This brief tale has been requested numerous times. So here it is for your amusement.

Cute fluff-bunny: casts spell to summon faerie
Sidhe nobleman: wrenched away from feast/important meeting/lover by spell
Cute fluff-bunny: Would you mind lighting that candle for me?
Sidhe: looks dumbfounded for a moment
Cute fluff-bunny: (slowly) I asked you to light the candle…
Angry Sidhe: grabs candle, turns fluff-bunny over, inserts candle, picks box of matches off nearby table, lights candle Sidhe curses fluff-bunny for the next 7 generations in fifteen different languages and goes back to what they were doing.

Along comes a Faery

Every time I think that
I’m the only one who’s lonely
Something comes to me
And every now and then
I spend my time at song and swords
And curse the faults in me

And then along comes a Faery
And does it want to give me kicks and be a mystic click
And give me pick of stories
Or maybe rather gather tales from all the days of tribulation
No one ever sees
When we met I was sure out to lunch
Now my empty cup tastes as sweet as the punch

When vague desire is the fire
In the eyes of faes whose sickness
Is the games they play
And when the masquerade is played
The neighbor folks make jokes
At who is most to blame today

And then along comes a Faery
And does it want to set me free and
Let me see reality
From where they got my name
And will they struggle much
when told that such a tender touch of hers
Will make them not the same
When we met I was sure out to lunch
Now my empty cup tastes as sweet as the punch

And when the morning of the warning’s passed
The gassed and flaccid dreams
Are flung across the stars
The psychodramas and the traumas gone
The songs have all been sung
And hung upon the scars

And then along comes a Faery
And does she want to see the stains,
The dead remains of all the pain
She left the night before
Or will their waking eyes reflect the lies
And make them realize
Their urgent cry for sight no more
When we met I was sure out to lunch
Now my empty cup tastes as sweet as the punch

Sweet as the punch
Sweet as the punch
Sweet as the punch
Sweet as the punch

Older Folkore

[Ed: This was originally a soc.religion.paganism post (thus the creation date).
I belive the outside perspective is a useful one. You may also wish to read Shadow of Myth which touches on the same

Much that I see presented in newsgroups and websites about
‘otherkin’ shows precious little awareness of the HUGE body of
folklore and tales from around the world for dealing with the Fair Folk of various stripes. There are some strong commonalities built up over centuries of gathering and writing down such lore. Most of it has to do with the danger in dealing with the Fey Folk. They are neither bad nor good, they have their own priorities and you just may be a good tool for their workings to be used and even used up. This makes you dangerous to others from a culture that shares your belief in the Fair Folk.

It is one thing to put on a persona of a character from Faerie that you
take off at the end of the day or convention of others who share your
fondness and knowledge of the more modern fantasy lore, it is another thing entirely to make a claim to such blood in your body as a living reality 100% of the time, and with an awareness of only the more modern fantasy writers versions of Faery. Some folk come onto this newsgroup (soc.religion.paganism) and others and present this as a living reality, not a persona.

I grew up with an awareness of the folklore, as have others on the
newsgroups. To anyone with that background, people who make claims of elven blood are playing a very dangerous game and if they actually do make connection with the real land spirits known as the Si, they are going to be in for a rude shock. The Si have been known to destroy the lives of those who annoy them by making such claims. But before doing so, they often have a habit of using the humans to their own ends, and befuddlement and glamour leading the humans
into making great fools of themselves is a big part of the older lore.
The People of Grace are formidable foes, they are grand allies, but they are not dealt with casually, with rose-colored glasses or with deceit, even self-deception safely according to the body of lore. You do not need to be paranoid of them – only cautious, respectful, courteous and rare.

Much of the fantasy writing in the last several decades does focus on the grand and glorious allies, it links into a feeling of alienation many
people feel from the flesh and blood human beings around them. Failing to approach the Fey with a full respect and the highest form of formal courtesy even in the smallest of things is an invitation to serious trouble from the older folklore and I seldom see that presented in any kind of depth lately. Anyone who makes a claim of ‘Faery’ blood of any stripe and believes it in all seriousness is in danger of failing to give full respect according to the folklore.

Further, until Professor Tolkien’s work was published in Great Britain and North America in the sixties, those who were dubbed as being part fey were looked upon with grave suspicion and faced serious discrimination. It was NOT a compliment, it was often used for those who were developmentally disabled, autistic or in other ways different from the norm. You did not claim to be Fey, it was a name given to your by your community, and it meant that lots of doors and opportunities were closed to you for the rest of your life. At times and in places it could mean you lost that life.

Outside of the fantasy role playing realms, outside of the modern fantasy writers version of Faery, this suspicion and discrimination still exists. The wariness comes from centuries of dealings with the Si, that according to the folkways of the world is justified. Ignoring such widespread themes is foolish and short sighted if you are intending to work with land spirits in any capacity.

Most folk who come here (soc.religion.paganism) do not present it as a persona, but as a reality or a bloodline they ‘live’ with present a
seeming lack of awareness of the older lore. They are greeted with the
older suspicion and seem shocked, surprised that they are not welcomed with open arms or even take on the attitude of ‘well, what can you expect, they are only Human.’

Failure to be aware of this older body of lore or the culture in which it
was a living part just 30 years ago will bring you and your knowledge
under suspicion in many parts of the Wiccan and Neo-Pagan community. Now, if you are aware that you are dealing with a persona you put on and take off when you are not with fantasy role playing gatherings, if you are aware of the older body of lore with as much familiarity as the modern fantasy writings on the subject you may be able to add a great deal to the discussion of folkloric practices in your community.

People do rarely do energy work with the land spirits, with the Folk they call Si even here in North America as part of certain religious traditions and certain types of energy work in the Neo-Pagan community. But if someone comes to me with only a persona based on modern fantasy role playing and asks me to teach them how to work with the Si I am going to give them a long booklist to read and engage them in years of intense discussions before giving them even a hint of a clue because until they ken in their very bones the limitations of the modern fantasy lore, they are unsafe to themselves in such a working, and that makes them unsafe for the others who would work with them, including the land spirits.

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