Taxomony of Dannan sylvanus: Sylvan Elves, a/k/a Tuatha de Dannan (Dannan sylvanus)

Full D. sylvanus taxonomy is as follows:
Species: sylvanus
Genus: Dannan
Family: Faeidae
Infraorder: Catarrhini
Order: Primates.

Genetically, Dannan sylvanus is 99.8% similar to Homo sapiens.

D. sylvanus tend to be shorter than H. sapiens. While individual D. sylvanus specimens have been found reaching as much as 1.9 meters in height, adult D. sylvanus tend to range from 1.4 to 1.7 meters (males and females show no significant size differential). It is believed that this is an adaptation to the dense forests native for D. sylvanus. D. sylvanus who do have not been raised in forested areas for long periods of time tend to grow taller then woodland D. sylvanus.

D. sylvanus bodies are more slender then H. sapiens and they generally weigh less than H. sapiens norm for their height. However their muscles are still strong and they are not fragile as they seem. D. sylvanus possess light body hair, less than is present in H. sapiens..

D. sylvanus generally possess narrow faces with slightly pointed ears and almond-shaped eyes with colour ranging from grey and silver through blue and green to violet. Brown eyes can be found but are rare (approx. 3%).

Hair changes according to environmental conditions. While blond and golden tend to be common, some specimens are completely black- haired. Superattenuated D. sylvanus have white hair. Reports of blue hair and greenish are unconfirmed, and may relate to other members of Family Faeidae.

D. sylvanus ears have a different hearing range from H. sapiens. While H. sapiens adults perceive sounds from 400 to 20,000 hertz , D. sylvanus perceive sounds from 1000 to 30,000 hertz.

D. sylvanus possess excellent eyesight especially at long ranges. They have, however, a more limited perception of colour, with a spectrum beginning in the green-blue range and running through blue and violet into the ultraviolet. Reports of vision into the infrared spectrum are patently false.

Smell and taste are roughly on par with H. sapiens, though what D. sylvanus and H. sapiens like to taste and smell is not always the same.

The D. sylvanus diet is composed on less complex carbohydrates then H. sapiens and more protein from meat. This is believed to be an adaptation to life in the forest, where small game is plentiful but conditions are not conducive to farming. D. sylvanus do consume a fair amount of simple sugars from sugar-cane berries and fruit , as well as select roots, mushrooms and tree bark. D. sylvanus cook meat (contrary to legend), usually roasting it over an open fire, although not to the degree usually preferred by H. sapiens..

Active/Sleep Cycle:
The D. sylvanus biological clock works differently from that of H. sapiens one in many aspects. The active hours of D. sylvanus are different. D. sylvanus are not strictly nocturnal but their most active hours are from the afternoon to midnight. D. sylvanus prefer to begin sleep at roughly two hours before sunrise and to wake at noon. However, D. sylvanus have shown adaptability to various sleep cycles, and can adapt to a diurnal sleep cycle with no ill effect.

Life cycle:
D. sylvanus have extremely long life spans relative to H. sapiens. However, this does not mean their cycle of life is the same as H. sapiens. D. sylvanus mature slightly slower than H. sapiens and when they mature they stay that way for a very long time before they age. Elderly D. sylvanus do not suffer for the same aliments that plague elderly H. sapiens but just the different aliments they gathered through their long lives. D. sylvanus do not develop wrinkles on their skin nor do their bodies become fragile or weak.

D. sylvanus usually develop a romantic interest in their fellows during their young adult years. D. sylvanus form strong bonds with mates, but this does not always lead to marriage. D. sylvanus are nominally monogamous, but do rarely have more than one sexual relationship at one time. D. sylvanus have learned about the formal marriage custom from H. sapiens. However, D. sylvanus couples are known to fall in love, live together raise offspring and then separate, living single lives again; marriage is optional.D. sylvanus physically perform intercourse in the same manner as H. sapiens, but treat it in a different way. D. sylvanus enjoy sex less then H. sapiens. D. sylvanus are not “slaves to their passions” and many individuals go through life without sex. D. sylvanus treat blind sexual passion as animalistic (in some researchers’ opinions, this is the most prominent difference between H. sapiens and D. sylvanus).

D. sylvanus do not have a cultural taboo regarding nudity, but sexual relations of any kind are always done in privacy.

D. sylvanus sometimes mate with partners of the same gender. D. sylvanus do not see any abnormality in this, and do not understand how can one be solely attracted to either the same or opposite gender.

This is the most puzzling aspect of D. sylvanus biology. D. sylvanus do not remain fertile throughout adulthood; rather, they maintain fertility for only a relatively short (50-year) period of young adulthood. In an evolutionary sense, D. sylvanus’ rate of reproduction is much too low to allow the continuation of the species; much speculation remains regarding how D. sylvanus has continued as a species to date. Previous theories regarding interbreeding with H. sapiens in order to maintain higher breeding rates have proven incorrect; the two species are not reproductively viable, despite their similarity in appearance.



How to Quit an Email List

It’s rather simple, actually. When the Crone is coming to fruition in the waning dark of the Moon, you must create a black waxen image of your computer with wick for lighting, or black candle if you’re not artistic. Upon it with your Burin, which can be found at various stores throughout the Internet, inscribe these words, “I desire to leave this list list”, along with the Tattwa for the Element of Fire, representing freedom, change and destruction , the Elder Futhark rune of Thurisaz, representing freedom in movement, the masculine in action and destruction of obstacles, and the Ogham symbol for Birch, representing new beginnings, purification and changes. You’ll need a banishing incense of your choice and two lodestones. Cast circle, yadda, yadda, yadda, dress waxen computer image or candle and place on pentacle, light.

Repeat the following Irish prayer three times while holding a lodestone in each extended hand, one to attract that which you desire and one to repel that which you do not:

Brighid, gold-red woman,
Brighid, flame and honeycomb,
Brighid, sun of womanhood,
Brighid, lead me home.
You are a branch in blossom,
You are a sheltering dome.
You are my bright precious freedom,
Brighid, lead me home.

All the while visualizing your E-mail box empty and free of further E-mails from the offending list. When your feel your power reach it’s peak, quickly drop the lodestones, point all ten “fingers” at the image or candle and direct all energy through your fingers and into the image, crying So Mote It Be! in a firm and powerful voice.

Let the image or candle burn until spent. Flush any remaining wax down the toilet. If you’ve done everything correctly, this *should* work.

However, if it does not you could try following the directions given on the site which hosts the list. They probably are something mundane like:

To be removed from this list send a blank message to:

You could be Elven if…

[Written by Tiernan and Robin. Taken from the TNO archives, Issue #1, October 1995. ]

  1. Are people spooked when you walked up behind them and they never heard you coming?
  2. You are always the first one to hear something in the distance (ie: aproaching car, person, storm…)
  3. You can smell a troll for miles and miles and miles…
  4. You couldn’t care less about gun control as long as they don’t outlaw bows.
  5. You think “Lord what fools these mortals be” should be in Bartletts Quotes.
  6. You are frequently offered ‘Santa’s Helper’ jobs at Christmas without an interview.
  7. Your best friends are nymphs, pixies, and fairies.
  8. You think trees are a great place to live, and holes in the ground are for worms and hobbits.
  9. Your friends cat, who hates EVERYONE including your friend, loves you.
  10. You HATE ear jokes
  11. You catch yourself referring to David Bowie as ‘cousin’
  12. The only iron you care to work with is the one that takes the wrinkles out of your clothes.
  13. You can smell what kind of mood the people around you are in.
  14. You HATE plastic.
  15. You LOVE mushrooms.
  16. You can be spun around at night with a blindfold on and you stop spinning pointing to true North every time.
  17. You find yourself arguing that Vulcans and Romulans are your long lost cousins with a Trek fan.
  18. Almost no-one understands your sense of humor
  19. Trolls stress you out.
  20. You have pet dragons.
  21. You would rather listen to bird songs than the radio.
  22. You can sleep on the floor, ground or a wood waterbed, but not a metal frame bed.
  23. Orcs are the cousins you don’t talk about.
  24. You have a fascination with edged weapons.
  25. Most of your clothing has ties and laces instead of buttons and zippers.

Fluff Bunny and the Sidhe

This brief tale has been requested numerous times. So here it is for your amusement.

Cute fluff-bunny: casts spell to summon faerie
Sidhe nobleman: wrenched away from feast/important meeting/lover by spell
Cute fluff-bunny: Would you mind lighting that candle for me?
Sidhe: looks dumbfounded for a moment
Cute fluff-bunny: (slowly) I asked you to light the candle…
Angry Sidhe: grabs candle, turns fluff-bunny over, inserts candle, picks box of matches off nearby table, lights candle Sidhe curses fluff-bunny for the next 7 generations in fifteen different languages and goes back to what they were doing.

Erelin’s List

This list is something inspired by, and applied to Otherkin. This was something Erelin and Fionn worked on during the Hollow Hills gather. The first one involving dragons and tennis balls had our resident dragon floored. Literally.

  1. No longer allowed to take human recruits on the Wyld Hunt.
  2. No longer allowed to take any recruits on the Wyld Hunt.
  3. Not allowed to call the Wyld Hunt on recruits.
  4. Or superior officers.
  5. No longer allowed to draft people from neighbouring nations.
  6. No longer allowed to draft recruits from neighbouring dimensions.
  7. No longer allowed to put the dragon barracks near ammo dumps.
  8. or fuel dumps.
  9. Not allowed to put spiked pit traps in the mess hall.
  10. The rank insignia tells how high up the chain of command a sidhe officer is, not the length of the stick up his/her ass.
  11. Not allowed to look at medical records for the length or existence of said stick.
  12. Not allowed to bring pepper to the dragons.
  13. No longer allowed to order therianthropes to remove their coats.
  14. I should not throw tennis balls at the dragons and yell “Charizard, I choose you!”
  15. Throwing a tennis ball and saying “Charizard, I choose you!” is not how you call in a dragon air strike.
  16. Not allowed to alter rations to have Mountain Dew with grapefruit juice.
  17. Not allowed to convince the dragon recruits to hoard shell casings.
  18. Not allowed to bend space-time during live-fire exercises.
  19. Not allowed to film the therianthropes in the shower, during medical exams, or in the conjugal rooms, and sell the tapes as furry porn.
  20. Not allowed to leave recruits out in the woods.
  21. No longer allowed to send nymphs to the grunts.
  22. No longer allowed to bring nymphs on base.
  23. Even if they are for the superior officers.
  24. This rule does not apply to nymphs who ARE superior officers.
  25. No longer allowed to bring satyrs on base.
  26. Not allowed to hold pixie races.
  27. Not allowed to refer to gryphons as “choppers.”
  28. The appropriate address for any sidhe of superior rank is “sir,” not “you pointy-eared freak.”
  29. Any otherworld denizen with pointed ears is not a Vulcan.
  30. I must not leave iron tacks on the sidhe sergeant’s bunk.
  31. The appropriate response to any sidhe officer’s order is not “live long and prosper.”
  32. The appropriate response to any satyr officer’s order is not “woohoo!”
  33. Not allowed to make cadences in Gaelic.
  34. Or Tolkien elvish.
  35. or klingon.
  36. Not allowed to challenge officers to rigged drinking games.
  37. Not allowed to alter space-time during basic training.
  38. Not allowed to slow time around grenades.
  39. Especially not allowed to speed time around grenades.
  40. No longer allowed near duct tape.
  41. C-4 is not silly putty.
  42. nor is it a laxative.
  43. I do not see dead people.
  44. Saying “I don’t believe in faeries” will not kill any of the troops, but may offend homosexuals.
  45. The elven snipers are not all named Legolas.
  46. Not allowed to bend space-time during formations.
  47. I must not stand at the entry gate to the base with a mage staff and shout “YOU CANNOT PASS!”
  48. I am not qualified to administer iron supplements.
  49. Iron supplements are taken orally, not rectally or via sniper rifle.
  50. I may not prescribe drugs.
  51. I may not bend space-time to re-enact scenes from “the matrix” on the firing range.
  52. Being put on KP does not mean I am allowed to spike the officers’ coffee with Tabasco sauce.
  53. Or Ex-Lax.
  54. Or Dwarven Whiskey.
  55. Not allowed to abduct civilian children and replace them with cheap copies.
  56. Social services does not handle changelings.
  57. “We’re off to see the wizard” is not a cadence.
  58. Not allowed to skip in formation.
  59. Not allowed to order the troops to skip in formation.
  60. Not allowed to spread pixie dust.
  61. Not allowed to order the merfolk to march three miles.
  62. No longer allowed to bring a siren to the karaoke bar.
  63. Not allowed to throw a grenade past any therian unit and shout “fetch!”
  64. “Do virgins taste better than those who are not” is not a cadence for dragon units.
  65. No trainee exercise will begin with “and a five, six, seven, eight…”
  66. Bell-tipped shoes with curly toes are not appropriate combat dress.
  67. Not allowed to trick allied units into surrendering to me.
  68. My official position is not “happiness enforcement officer.”
  69. Not allowed to tell the field medics to start clapping when there is a casualty.
  70. The sidhe wearing cammo paint are not dark elves.
  71. Not allowed to ask the new recruits to choose between the red pill or the blue pill.
  72. Not allowed to switch the labels on the “eat me” and “drink me” bottles.
  73. The dragon air superiority units do not need nose art.
  74. The chain of command is not a toy.
  75. No longer allowed to order dragons to take an emissions test.
  76. The two drink limit does not include a whole bottle of mead.
  77. Even if the general has a sense of humour, there is only one of him. Other officers are not so forgiving.
  78. “My god can beat up your god” is not a cadence.
  79. Neither is “it’s a small world after all.”
  80. If I do start a cadence with “It’s a small world after all,” I will not be surprised if I am the victim of friendly fire.
  81. I am not Master Chief, and the Unseelie Court are not the Covenant.
  82. Not allowed to Riverdance in formation.
  83. Not allowed to order the troops to Riverdance in formation.
  84. Especially not allowed to order the dragons to Riverdance.
  85. Mission plans should not include breaks in causality.
  86. Mission plans do not include “the lamentations of their women.”
  87. No longer allowed to utter the phrase “I give you my word as a pooka.”
  88. The proper response to a lawful order is not “I disbelieve! I disbelieve!”
  89. I cannot save vs. officers.
  90. No longer allowed to sell commanding officers or noncoms to Santa.
  91. Not allowed to deploy the Yeti in Iraq.
  92. Any trap idea that causes my commanding officers to fall on the floor vomiting is not to be implemented.
  93. No longer allowed to implement any idea that gives me “that look on my face.”
  94. Tactics cannot be justified by the Anime Laws of Physics.
  95. During basic training, I am not allowed to hold my rifle in the air and shout “this is my BOOMSTICK!”
  96. Condoms are not a part of military protective gear.
  97. No longer allowed to butt heads with the unicorns.
  98. …or leapfrog.
  99. Not allowed to force a name change on vestal virgins.
  100. No longer allowed to sell soundtracks to battles.
  101. Not allowed to tell dragons where the leprechaun gold is.
  102. Not allowed to tell leprechauns where the dragon hoard is.
  103. Not allowed to refer to the leprechaun rations as “me frosted lucky charms.”
  104. “Dancing a merry jig” is not authorized PT.
  105. Not allowed to paint the grenades like Easter eggs.
  106. Not allowed to taunt the redcaps. EVER.
  107. Brownies are a unit, not a part of the rations.
  108. Not allowed to refer to the leprechauns’ naughty bits as “me frosted lucky charms.”
  109. Not allowed to plant a pager on any soldier performing covert operations.
  110. No longer allowed to supply the dragons with ketchup.
  111. Not allowed to douse superior officers with ketchup.
  112. Not allowed to convince the dragons that the chain of command tastes good with ketchup.
  113. Not allowed to convince the dragons that any infantry or cavalry with armor are “crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside.”
  114. No longer allowed to quote Hannibal Lechter or Titus Andronicus during combat missions.
  115. Not allowed to try to convince the dragons that anyone is crunchy OR good with ketchup. They know better. I think.
  116. Dwarven infantry are not all named Gimli.
  117. The elves are not solely there to save my puny ass.
  118. I am not to refer to any recently repaired weaponry as “the sword reforged.”
  119. Not allowed to tell the infantry “don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.”
  120. Scout missions are not for selling cookies.
  121. Not allowed to carry any weapon bigger than a nuke.
  122. Not allowed to CREATE any weapon bigger than a nuke.
  123. I do not have the authority to deploy nukes.
  124. Not allowed to summon Cthulhu on the parade grounds.
  125. My speciality is not demolitions. EVER.
  126. Not allowed to challenge any soldier to a race around the world.
  127. Nagah units do not have cadences which say “My anaconda don’t want none unless it’s got BUNS, honey!”
  128. Not allowed to ask the minotaur units “got milk?”
  129. Not allowed to call any centaur “Seabiscuit.”
  130. Combat mages are not named Gandalf.
  131. Or Dumbledore.
  132. When someone challenges me to the field of honor, it has nothing to do with mowing the lawn.
  133. “Can we settle this like men” does not mean running and screaming at the first sign of danger.
  134. No longer allowed to make jokes about “my unit.”
  135. Not allowed to talk about “clubbing baby seals” in front of the selkies.
  136. Even if they are dressed in goth.
  137. Not allowed to steal the selkies’ seal coats.
  138. Or switch them in their lockers.
  139. Or sell them on E-bay.
  140. Stealing a selkie’s coat does not necessarily mean they will do my bidding. They will more than likely shoot me and find it anyway.
  141. Selling the merfolk to Sea World is NOT funny.
  142. “If you like pina coladas” is not a cadence.
  143. I am not legally allowed to perform marriage. Even if I am, I am not allowed to do so by my commanding officers.
  144. Especially if those being married are not aware of being married.
  145. I cannot marry off my superior officers.
  146. No matter how whiny the Wiccans get, I am not allowed to re-institute the burning times.
  147. The civilians are not target practice.
  148. Not allowed to switch the weres’ shampoo with Nair.
  149. The proper way to assemble a platoon is not to shout “Level 46 Pooka LFG.”
  150. Not allowed to tell the sprite, pixie, or brownie troops that “size does matter.”
  151. I must leave the toadstool rings alone.
  152. Not allowed to sell condos in the otherworld.
  153. I am not Gordon Freeman, and the Crossroads is not Xen.
  154. Nighttime ops are not “Blair Witch Projects.”
  155. Putting up little stick dolls and piles of rocks around the tents is not funny.
  156. Working with the dragon airborne units does not entitle me to frequent flier miles.
  157. Or those little bags of peanuts.
  158. There are otherkin besides sidhe in the officer ranks, and I should not forget this and make up conspiracy theories that say otherwise.
  159. Not allowed to come up with conspiracy theories.
  160. Or conspiracies.
  161. Not allowed to make Stargate references, especially when opening interdimensional gateways.
  162. Not allowed to make cracks about “taking this to a higher court.”
  163. “Rocky Horror Picture Show” is not appropriate in formation.
  164. Nor is it appropriate PT.
  165. “Hulk Smash” is not a tactic.
  166. Not allowed to institute Arcadian policy in any nation.
  167. No longer allowed to go to Avalon on leave.
  168. There is no such thing as the Whore of Avalon.
  169. Pants are required for inspection.
  170. No longer allowed to make pedophilia jokes about “the land of youth forever.”
  171. Not allowed to send vampires to the summerlands.
  172. Not allowed to switch the vampire rations with cherry kool-aid.
  173. Not allowed to tie-dye the selkie coats.
  174. Or any uniforms.
  175. Or any officers.
  176. Other ‘kin types are not Pokemon. I do not need to “catch ’em all.”
  177. I cannot marry my superior officer’s child.
  178. Not allowed to ask for “your first born child” as a reenlistment bonus.
  179. No longer allowed to feign death whenever I hear a gunshot.
  180. The proper way to end a situation report is not “and I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids.”
  181. World of Warcraft is not a real military exercise.
  182. Not allowed to fondle ordinance while hissing “my preciousssss…”
  183. Not allowed to fondle officers while hissing “my preciousssss…”
  184. There is no such thing as sexual warfare, no matter what the satyrs may say.
  185. Not allowed to make remarks about “bringing a sword to a shootout.”
  186. Not allowed to feign death whenever someone says “I don’t believe in faeries.”
  187. Orders are to be given verbally, not rectally.
  188. or by poking individual troops with a gauntlet.
  189. It’s the Seelie court, not the Silly court.
  190. No longer allowed to tend bar at the officer’s club. EVER.
  191. Streaking is not an appropriate distraction.
  192. Grenades are not appropriate substitutes for sporting equipment.
  193. Not allowed to play Quidditch with the janitorial supplies.
  194. Not allowed to call in air strikes on rush hour traffic.
  195. Not allowed to attempt any of the items listed at
  196. Not allowed to program any GPS to read “second star on the right, straight on until morning.”
  197. Mission parameters do not include “kill moose and squirrel.”
  198. Not allowed to make remarks to the women officers about their “Tir Na Knockers.”

You might be otherkin if…

A lot of these might also apply to anyone [kin or otherwise] of a general magical or pagan persuasion as well. YMMV. Look to the *s for Eshari’s humble opinion of which “count” more, as they’re less explicable by other things.

A. Physical Characteristics and Remnants of Former Bodies/Lives

  1. * You feel a lot older than your grandmother and cannot explain why. *
  2. * You miss a place, yet cannot explain where it is. *
  3. You find it very frustrating that you can’t breathe under water or fly.
  4. * You have “phantom” body parts that you can feel move, and that sometimes become really annoying with clothes (fur, wings, claws…). *
  5. You modify (or wear special) clothing or sit/stand/walk differently to accomodate physical characteristics your waking body doesn’t have – or you don’t even realize you’re making such accomodations until someone else points out that you are.
  6. * From time to time you have a REALLY bad night’s sleep because you slept on your wings wrong. *
  7. Your doctor can’t figure out how you damaged your back to start with, but you don’t really want to tell hir it’s a battle injury from a previous life.
  8. You have the occasional really annoying itch on your back, right where your wings would be at.
  9. * Transsexuals often want sex-change operations. You want SPECIES-change operations. *
  10. You are always the first one to hear something in the distance (ie: approaching car, person, storm…).
  11. * You have either more allergies than normal folks, possibly including odd ones like metals (iron and alloys, silver, gold, copper); stones (hematite, malachite, pyrite); certain herbs; or other substances not commonly considered allergenic, or you have a dragon’s constitution and have less allergies than normal folks, and are not prone to disease (you never had the flu, etc.). *
  12. You have naturally dilated pupils, or see very well in the dark.
  13. You have bright green or violet eyes, or eyes with multiple colours in them, or that change color.
  14. * Some part of your body changes shape and/or color. *
  15. You look radically different from day to day.
  16. * The “you” you see in the mirror and the physical shell experienced by other people are entirely different entities. *
  17. You resent being forced to pick a sex, and earnestly wish you were both or neither.
  18. You find yourself unable to develop an addiction – after a certain point, certain substances stop affecting you entirely. This is most bothersome when it’s much-needed prescription medication.


B. Personality Characteristics, Perceptions and Habits

  1. * You don’t consider yourself really human. *
  2. Your creativity (of whatever persuasion) consumes you to the point of eccentricity.
  3. You know, see, and feel a deeper depth of existence than the visible world around us.
  4. * The woods, glens, etc. speak to you and call you to come join them. *
  5. You have a deeper understanding and viewpoint of the cycle of life and death than many people do.
  6. * Most people find their inner children. You found your inner puppy or hatchling. *
  7. You remember your dreams with more detail, clarity and relevance than your waking moments.
  8. * Dance, music, art, beauty are not luxuries, peripheral experiences or mere entertainment, but physical needs. *
  9. Linear thought is a problem, and linear time an even greater one.
  10. * The books that speak the greatest Truths to you are found in the Fantasy/SF section. *
  11. * Your best friends are nymphs, pixies, and fairies. *
  12. You think trees or holes in the ground are a great places to live.
  13. * You catch yourself referring to David Bowie as “cousin.” *
  14. You find it hard to explain to mundanes that there really IS a dragon sitting on your pencil case and she’s been talking to you all through math and English.
  15. You can sleep on the floor, ground or a wood bed, but not a metal frame bed.
  16. You collect little ‘oddities’ that don’t match anything else you own. Going to an antique store is like going to an adoption agency. You actually own more knick-knacks and stuff than the antique store down the street.
  17. * No religion seems to fit you, no matter which one you try. *
  18. You are the definition of “weird”.
  19. You love to hide in natural places when emotionally or otherwise upset.
  20. * You can actually speak Tolkien Elvish, and it feels like your mother tongue. *
  21. * You don’t match your “real” age in looks, thoughts, words, wisdom, etc. *
  22. The weather and your moods have more than a coincidental link.
  23. You write such good stories cause they aren’t stories… it’s all real.
  24. You feel you’d have done much better a few hundred years back. Living History not only describes your favorite activity, it describes you.
  25. You have an obesession with honor most people just don’t understand.
  26. You’ve been in or almost caused a car accident because you were distracted by the sunset, sunrise, rainbow, moon, stars, lightning, and/or interesting cloud formations.
  27. You bore very easily.
  28. You get downright pissed when people harm animals or plants or destroy the environment.
  29. As a child you always knew where to find the berries in the woods.
  30. You are fascinated with language, linguistics, theology, anthropology, slang, subculture and the madness of crowds.
  31. Weddings make you depressed and funerals elate you.
  32. You see through spiritual charlatans like they were made of glass.
  33. Your personality changes outright depending on the clothing you wear. That includes a mixed personality if you mix two kinds of clothing.
  34. * You always go for things in silver rather than gold, bronze, etc. *


C. Interactions With the “Mundanes”

  1. * Human language just isn’t enough to FULLY convey what you are trying to say. You feel telepathy, empathy, and visual sendings make up most of your languge and you often tend to use these more than spoken words, much to the dismay of those around you. *
  2. Your friends and family have always thought of you as “different”.
  3. You never quite see things from the same point of view as your mundane friends.
  4. Your mundane friends never quite get your sense of humor.
  5. Mundanes think you are eccentric, very intelligent or crazy, but you think that you are normal and they are the ones who are odd.
  6. * You have actually answered elf, dragon, fae, pixie, werewolf, etc. under the “Race” section of surveys or when asked by telemarketers. *
  7. You are frequently offered “Santa’s Helper” jobs at Christmas without an interview.
  8. Your friend’s cat, who hates EVERYONE including your friend, loves you.
  9. People either love you or hate you and you cannot figure out why.
  10. Animals and trees are better friends to you than most mundanes.
  11. * You feel horrible if you have to act human, and weird things happen to you when you try. *
  12. * When you haven’t slept for a few nights running, haven’t eaten, don’t feel pain, etc., the standard explanation from your friends is “but we all know you’re not human…”
    …before you’ve even told them what you really are. *
  13. You attract the strangest people. They seem to congregate around you as if attracted by some pheremone only they can perceive.
  14. You almost never play a human character in role-playing games. (Bonus points if you refuse to play a human in the SCA, but rather play a vampire, elf or faerie.)
  15. People’s professed personalities and beliefs cause you to break out in peals of laughter at socially inappropriate times.
  16. People often ask you if you are on drugs.
  17. * Hospitals, most schools, government buildings, and large, impersonal corporations either depress you to the point of tears or trigger panic attacks. *
  18. * Small children come up to you and hug you for no apparent reason. *


D. Magic, Psi and Strange Occurrences

  1. You think nothing of adjusting your energy to a Peace signature to calm down someone who’s agitated. (Fun with glamour, folks!)
  2. When you don’t want to be noticed, you can be wearing three-inch spikes and a mohawk, and people walk past you, oblivious.
  3. Your dreams bleed over into mundane reality.
  4. * You catch glimpses of an alternate reality superimposed or side-by-side with mundane reality. When you’re half asleep and half awake, the worlds tend to blur and you can see numerous realities existing at once. *
  5. Your wishes affect mundane reality in a tangible way.
  6. There are too many synchronicities happening to pass them all off as coincidence.
  7. Small children run up to you and point out the nice lady with pointy ears or the big furry man or the dragon.
  8. * Grown people run up to you and nervously ask you if you’ve ever thought of yourself as “elf-like” or “dragon-like,” or just get positively freaked out being near you.
  9. You start “bleeding over” in pictures. *
  10. You dream prophetically.
  11. * When really stressed/relaxed/magickal you speak in a foreign unknown language, make animal noises, or start speaking in what sounds like gibberish to other people. *
  12. People are spooked when you walked up behind them and they never heard you coming. You move so silently that you can even sneak up on a police dog without it noticing you.
  13. Energy work seems so natural for you that even as a beginner you baffle most veteran magic users.
  14. You’ve met someone you instantly knew from dreams you’ve been having since you were five.
  15. From time to time really strange things happen, like you get cut and your blood falls on a white rose and it turns red, and within a month the entire rose bush has deep red flowers.
  16. You sense spirits residing within rocks, trees, waters, buildings, mechanical objects, etc., and you converse with them regularly.
  17. You didn’t know that not everyone did lucid dreaming (astral projection, hands-on healing, aura sight, telepathy, precognition…) until you read about it.
  18. * You “smell” what kind of mood the people around you are in. *
  19. Computers often malfunction, act up, and do lots of unusual things in your presence, causing your coworkers to ask you to “stand over there, please” and causing your company’s resident computer tech many hours of heartache.
  20. Sometimes when you see or meet a stranger you see a flash of their True Nature without even trying.
  21. You can alter time, manipulate the weather, conjure things or teleport by accident, etc. without ever having learned how nor understanding how these are possible.
  22. * When they unearth an ancient earth artifact that “no one” knows about you not only find that you recognize it, but also that you had been telling your friends about it for the last few years. *
  23. Energy is one of your favorite toys.
  24. You don’t just dream, you go planet-hopping.
  25. Time always does weird things around you.
  26. Your friends use you as the resident antenna for the radio, for it always receives better sound when you stand in front of it.
  27. You cannot wear watches or other timepieces on your person. If you do, they are rendered completely useless within days and become blithering idiots that have no idea what time it really is anymore.
  28. You can hear the stars singing.
  29. You can’t understand why people need all those props to do anything magical, when it’s so much simpler to just reach and change something. You’re unable to grasp that there are people who can’t feel magical flows, no matter how often you hear otherwise.
  30. * All of your best friends/lovers/etc. awaken to their Otherkin natures within a few months of meeting you. *
  31. You can’t ever remember the color of someone’s eyes, but you can describe their aura/astral form in detail.


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Judge Ri: Episode 4

Bailiff: Oyez, Oyez, Oyez, The Honorable Judge Ri, Tamer of Cats, Handler of Snakes and Elves, and Wearer of Lizards and other Reptiles, presiding.

All rise. Judge Ri looks at the docket, buries his face in his long slender hands, and groans.

Judge Ri: Are both parties in this case really elven princesses?

Bailiff: Sorry, Your Honor, I’m afraid so. I’ll buy you a bottle of blueberry wine afterwards.

Judge Ri takes his face out of his hands and looks at the parties to the case. At first, it is impossible to tell the Princesses apart. Both look like typical Elven Princesses: tall, slender, and fair as willows, with long hair as golden as the sun and large cornflower-blue eyes. Naturally, they are both dressed in white samite gowns and wear only the simplest of circlets on their noble alabaster brows… OK, enough already. Back to the case!

Judge Ri (to Plaintiff): Please introduce yourself and tell us what you are charging your sister with.

Plaintiff: I am Her Most Royal Highness Crown Princess Lilianna Nightshade. That imposter over there (glares spitefully and points at Defendant) calls herself Lillibelle Buttercup.

Judge Ri (rolling his eyes): Enough namecalling. What did Lilibelle do to you?

Plaintiff: She has tried to murder me!

Bailiff (under her breath): I can certainly see why. You are a royal pain in the…

Plaintiff: She fed me, a Noble Elven Princess, poison! And here it is! (She thrusts a bottle into Judge Ri’s hand.)

Judge Ri bursts out laughing.

Plaintiff: What’s so funny? You’re an elf, too. Oh, I get it now. You’re one of them, aren’t you? That slut Lilibelle has spread her legs and poisoned your mind against me…

Judge Ri: Lilianna, those are iron pills. Vitamins.

Plaintiff: Your Honor, if you are indeed a True Elf, you would know that iron is deadly to Our Kind.

Judge Ri: Hmm…so not only are you a paranoid idiot, you also have read way too many fairy tales. (He smirks.) I dis-

Defendant (identical to her sister, but vapid and sweet to the point of making you barf): Your Honor, the charges are true.

Judge Ri: If you did try to poison Lilianna, I can certainly see why.

Defendant: Oh, no, Your Honor, I would never do that! But I have still deserve the death penalty, Your Honor, for I have committed treason.

Judge Ri (totally confused): I beg your pardon?

Defendant: I have murdered poor, sweet, darling Lilianna many times.

Judge Ri: In a past life?

Defendant: No, in my heart. You see, Your Honor, the sacred teachings of HELL help me eliminate that which is negative from my life. For instance, before I joined HELL, I thought I had just as much right to the kingdom as Lilianna did. After all, Father did leave it in his will that we would rule together. But then I realized that due to my greed and my inability to relinquish venal material…

Plaintiff: Your Honor, you see why the kingdom should go entirely to me. My sister has proved herself an imbecile.

Judge Ri (to Plaintiff): One more word out of you and I’m charging you with slander. (to Defendant) Please continue.

Defendant: Well, Lilianna has always told me the truth, helping me to see my limitations, you see. Ever since we learned to talk, she was helpfully pointing out my failures. Before I joined HELL, I resented my sister’s efforts, thinking of her as a meanspirited, namecalling witch. But thanks to Daisy Sunshine’s loving kindness and teaching me to reframe things, I have seen that every person and experience in my life is a blessing. In every criticism lies truth. In HELL, I have learned to thank Lilianna for every truth that she imparts, and have stopped resenting her, for I have learned that she is, and has always been, my first and greatest teacher.

(Judge Ri barfs discreetly into a bucket).

Plaintiff: As you can see, Your Honor, my sister is an insincere little sycophant who does not deserve the throne. She deserves to be driven out of town as the little tramp that she is!

Defendant (to Plaintiff): Thank you, my dearest sister, for rebuking me for the sin that lies within me, for even though I am a virgin, I have stained my honor and disgraced myself by looking with longing on Sir Mark with lust in my heart.

Bailiff: May I duct tape them both, Your Honor? Between Lilianna’s bitching and Lilibelle’s blessing, I’m about to barf.

The Plaintiff and Defendant exchange brief but significant looks, whisper sibilant syllables, and point their hands at Judge Ri.

Judge Ri: Look ou-…AAAAHHHHH!

A large, brown, furry, frighteningly cute monkey-like beast with red eyes and bloody claws embraces Judge Ri.

Monkey: Mon-chee-chee, mon-chee-chee, oh so soft and cuddly!

Judge Ri: Help!

The Mon-chee-chee smells Judge Ri’s breath and runs out of the courtroom screaming. After all, he did eat a chocolate-hot sauce-tartar sauce-peanut butter-garlic sandwich for lunch.

Judge Ri glares at the Princesses, towering over them menacingly.

Judge Ri: You have left me with no choice. I shall have to boodle you both-right now!

He leaves the bench, seizes both Princesses, and boodles both of them at once. A horrifying shriek that shatters every window ensues as both Princesses collapse.

Judge Ri: Oh no. I hope they’re not dead.

Bailiff: I wouldn’t lose sleep over those two. After all, they tried to kill you, and they were both insane. I think the kingdom’s better off without them.

Judge Ri: True, but still…

Another horrifying shriek emits from the now-standing form of Lilianna. She claws at her face and screams.

Lilianna: Oh Danu help me, they’re in my eyes, they’re everywhere, get them off of me, ahhh!!! Go away, you @%#$%#$% Goetic Mon-chee-chees!

Judge Ri smirks triumphantly.

A loud, perky giggle, accompanied by gasps for breath in between shrieks of laughter, emerges from the opposite sides of the room.

Judge Ri: Lilibelle? Is that you?

Lilibelle is alive, conscious, and healthy, but so convulsed with laughter that she cannot get up from the floor.

Lilibelle: Hi, sweet mon-chee-chee, won’t you come and play with me?

Judge Ri (paling): You’re immune to the backlash?

Lilibelle (speaking in between gasps and giggles): What backlash? It doesn’t hurt a bit, Judge Ri, and I can’t shield one bit! Your energy tickles! (frowns as she sees Lilianna) Hey, what’s wrong with her?

Judge Ri: Whenever people try to mess with me, it always backfires, for I am the Avatar of Chaos! Chaos! Chaos! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

The vapid look goes out of Lilibelle’s eyes. She straightens up.

Lilibelle: Your Honor, you do realize that Lilianna’s charges are ridiculous, don’t you?

Judge Ri: Yes, I do.

Lilibelle: I have a record from the Royal Physician stating the Lilianna suffers from paranoia. (hands record to Judge Ri)

Bailiff: You people needed a doctor to figure that out?

Lilibelle (to Bailiff): Actually, no. But it makes it official. Since my sister is mentally incompetent, she is not fit to rule. Actually, the Royal Physician was at a loss, since we were both insane.

Judge Ri: You must prove your sanity, Lilibelle.

Lilibelle: How in Danu’s name can I do that?

Lilianna (hissing): I knew you were it on it! You are all responsible for…2#%#$%^#@^@%#^%@$^….#@%#%#@…

Lilibelle: Your Honor, I know now what I must do. Do you have any duct tape?

Judge Ri: I thought you’d never ask.

Lilibelle takes the duct tape from Judge Ri and seals Lilianna’s mouth shut.

Judge Ri: Episode 3

BAILIFF: All rise for the Case of the Bondage Fairy, Judge Ri the Righteous presi-

(One PLAINTIFF gives a raspberry and smirks rudely. She is DAISY SUNSHINE, High Priestess of HELL, Humans and Elves Living Lovingly. A short, bovine-shaped halfling dressed entirely in pink velvet, her dull brown eyes make her resemble a retarded cow.)

DAISY SUNSHINE: Yeah, right.

JUDGE RI: I’m glad we agree. However, you are out of order. Don’t make me get out the duct tape.

(A hopeful sigh and an audible moan issue from JULIELLA, the other PLAINTIFF. She is a lovely fairy clad in nothing but tattered black lace, assorted bruises, and a radiant, if slightly stoned, smile.)

JUDGE RI blinks, but is otherwise unruffled.

JUDGE RI: All righty, then. Let’s get started. (To PLAINTIFFS). One at a time. What happened?

DAISY SUNSHINE: Here at Humans and Elves Living Lovingly, we only permit consensual loving relationships sanctioned by the Goddess of Pure-

JUDGE RI (trying not to yawn): Will you please get to the point, Ms. Sushine?

DAISY SUNSHINE: One of our initiates was taken away by THEM! (points at DEFENDANTS) She was abused and degraded and her innocence was forever lost. (JULIELLA interrupts her by turning a delicate shade of green and gagging). As you can see, Your Honor, when we found poor, sweet, dear Juliella, she was differently behaviored.

JUDGE RI: Juliella, could you translate Ms. Sunshine’s remarks? I’m afraid I don’t speak gibberish.

JULIELLA: Your Honor, I was not abused. I was perfectly fine until that – person – (makes a face and jabs a slender finger at DAISY SUNSHINE) dragged me out of Arianna’s arms – (she bursts into sobs, but quickly brightens when ARIANNA, a pretty black-haired human witch, quickly throws some bright pink energy sparks at her).

JUDGE RI: Are you saying Daisy Sunshine burst into Arianna’s bedroom and physically dragged you away?

JULIELLA: Yes, Your Honor.

JUDGE RI: (To JULIELLA) Thank you. You may step down.

(To DEFENDANTS): Please tell me what happened. One at a time, and no ass humor, DARIEN, or I will have to boodle you.

DARIEN (a tall, red-headed biker elf): You’d better not, or I’ll kick your-

DAISY SUNSHINE: You see what I mean, Your Honor? Poor innocent Juliella cannot be permitted to be around those-people!

JUDGE RI: Not even if sweet little Juliella is a psychic vampire?

DAISY SUNSHINE (stops gibbering for the first time since she got into court): What?

ARIANNA: It’s true, Ms. Sunshine. Juliella came to us in tears, afraid she would be cast out of HELL. We thought she’d been brainwashed by some fundy freaks, but-

DARIEN: It’s simple. The girl’s a vamp, but doesn’t know it, OK? Arianna feeds her and makes her see what she is. Then the Pillsbury Dough Girl here (points to DAISY SUNSHINE)-

ARIANNA: comes in ranting and raving and threatens to sue us for debauchery.

DARIEN: What’s wrong with debauchery and ass humor, anyway?

JUDGE RI: (To Darien) Nothing, but that’s not the issue here. (To DAISY SUNSHINE) As I was saying, I can prove Juliella is a vampire.

DAISY SUNSHINE: Not Juliella! She is as pure as-

JULIELLA: The yellow snow. And I am a psivamp. When Arianna threw that energy at me, I felt better. And ever since you dragged me back to HELL, I’ve been feeling terrible. You forbid me to feed-

DAISY SUNSHINE: But that’s wrong! That’s evil! Aieee!!!!! (She exits the courtroom screaming hysterically)

JUDGE RI: Daisy Sunshine seems to have gone insane. Juliella, do you wish to press charges against Darien and Arianna?

JULIELLA (rolls her eyes): What do you think?

JUDGE RI: Case dismissed.

(JULIELLA jumps and squeaks for joy).

JUDGE RI: Could someone please oil Juliella?

DARIEN: That’s someone else’s problem!

JUDGE RI: It’s a dirty job, but I guess I’ll have to do it.

(fade to black)

Judge Ri: Episode 2

BAILIFF: All rise. The case of The Thaumaturgid Academy of the Theleturgically Gifted versus Willawyn Mourning Dove, the Honorable Judge Ri, Prince of Chaos, King of Tentacles, and Chief Boodler presiding.

(All rise. JUDGE RI grins maniacally.)

BAILIFF: Your Honor, I present the plaintiffs, Lord Nullturgid and Lady Odratta, High Priest and Priestess of-

JUDGE RI (interrupting BALIFF): Thank you. I am already well acquainted with these people. (to PLAINTIFFS): And what is all this about again?

LADY ODRATTA (a magewomon of size wearing enough patchouli to gag the Goat of Mendez): This traitor is unworthy to take up space!

JUDGE RI: Who, Lord Nullturgid?

(LORD NULLTURGID [a thin, weedy mage wearing ceremonial regalia that weighs more than he does] glares at JUDGE RI and mutters under his breath.)

JUDGE RI: I couldn’t hear that, Lord Nullturgid. Would you care to repeat that?

LORD NULLTURGID: I curse you to the darkest depths of the Stygian abomination of the Lovecraftian-

WILLAWYN (a pale, spastic girl-mage with a perpetual nervous tremor wearing a simple black robe): Pleae, my Lord, no!

(WILLAWYN leaves the defense box and throws herself at LORD NULLTURGID’S feet.)

JUDGE RI: Hee, hee, hee. That is the stupidest curse I’ve heard since the soundtrack of Battlefield Earth!

LADY ODRATTA: Your Honor, as you can see, this – girl – does not have the discipline, dignity, or deportment it takes to be a mage. She is a sniveling nuisance who must be expelled and declared Anathema in the sight of all the Awakened.

JUDGE RI: Oh, really? You mean she does not have the discipline, dignity, or deportment to curse a judge in his own courtroom?


JUDGE RI (to LADY ODRATTA): I take that as a yes. (to WILLAWYN): Please get off the floor and return to your seat. As you can see, these two twits have no power to curse me – or anyone else, for that matter.

(WILLAWYN chokes back a giggle, stops trembling for the first time in her life, and runs back to the defense box.)

JUDGE RI (to WILLAWYN): Since the plaintiffs are not bright enough to explain this case, perhaps you can.

WILLAWYN: I am to be expelled from the Th-Thau- (She bursts into tears, unable to finish her sentence.)

JUDGE RI: It’s OK. I already know the name of your school. You don’t have to choke yourself on all those empty syllables.

(WILLAWYN turns red with anger.)

WILLAWYN: Your Honor, I may be unworthy, but I have sworn to defend the honor of the Academy, even unto death!

JUDGE RI: You poor deluded child, how can you defend the honor of an insitution that clearly has none?

WILLAWYN: I’m sorry, Your Honor, but I have to do this.

(WILLAWYN pulls a bugle out of her voluminous sleeve and blows it. The Noise of Doom erupts, forcing LORD NULLTURGID, LADY ODRATTA, the BAILIFF, and JUDGE RI to the ground. They all lie prone on the floor, not moving. WILLAWYN tiptoes over to JUDGE RI, still clutching the bugle. WILLAWYN kneels down, bending over JUDGE RI as if to close his eyes. JUDGE RI grabs WILLAWYN by the sleeve of her robe, flipping her onto her back. The bugle flies out of WILLAWYN’S hand. While holding WILLAWYN down with one hand, JUDGE RI snatches the bugle with his other hand, holding it out of WILLAWYN’S reach. JUDGE RI pulls WILLAWYN to her feet.)

JUDGE RI: You blow very well, my dear.

WILLAWYN: Thank you, Your Honor. Please allow me to attend to my Lord and Lady-

(The BAILIFF stumbles to her feet, groaning and holding her head.)

BAILIFF: What in Holy Hades was that?

JUDGE RI: That was Willawyn, on bugle. I have confiscated it as…evidence.

BAILIFF: A wise choice. The child is even more tone-deaf than you. Where’d she go, anyway?

(JUDGE RI and the BAILIFF look around, but find no trace of WILLAWYN. Suddenly, a high-pitched scream erupts from a corner. JUDGE RI and the BAILIFF go the corner, and find WILLAWYN on the floor, crouching over the bodies of LORD NULLTURGID and LADY ODRATTA.)

WILLAWYN (covering her face and crying): I killed them!

(The BAILIFF hauls WILLAWYN to her feet, opens a bottle of mead, and puts it in WILLAWYN’S hand.)

THE BAILIFF: Here. Drink this. All of it.

JUDGE RI (to BAILIFF): Are you sure that’s a good idea? She’s underage, and that mead was made by the Pirate Queen herself.

BAILIFF (to JUDGE RI): If you were the student of Lord Nullturgid and Lady Odratta, wouldn’t you need a drink?

JUDGE RI (shuddering): I’d need the entire keg!

BAILIFF: I rest my case. (WILLAWYN drinks from the bottle and stops crying. Once the courtroom is quiet, the BAILIFF kneels down and looks at the bodies.)

BAILIFF: Eew, yuck!

JUDGE RI: What’s wrong?

BAILIFF: Their eardrums exploded.

(WILLAWYN puts down her empty mead bottle.)

WILLAWYN: I’m sorry, Your Honor.

JUDGE RI: I hereby sentence you to one nose lick for apologizing too much.

(JUDGE RI licks WILLAWYN’S nose. WILLAWYN purrs and hugs JUDGE RI.)

JUDGE RI: You LIKE getting your nose licked???

WILLAWYN (still hugging JUDGE RI): Mrrow. Prrr. Squeak!


(Fade to black).

Judge Rialian: Episode 1


The Bailiff:

Order in the court! The Honorable Judge Rialian, Prince Righteous, Defender of the Royal Throne, HOPE of the Realm, is now presiding!

Plaintiff: Lady Taffy Brightstar of Willowood Defendant: Rowan al’Thandor, alleged Dandelion Mage

The Plaintiff is suing the Defendant for $93 million for turning her crabapple trees into Dandelions and making wine from said flowers without giving her a share of the profits.

Judge Ri: What’s the problem?

Taffy (a small, rather rotund elf who resembles a ball of dough): He’s the evil Dandelion Mage, he is, he is! He turned all my crabapples into dandelions!

Judge Ri: And the problem is? (raises one eyebrow)

Taffy: He made wine and did not give me any of the profits realized!

(Rowan groans and shakes his head).

Judge Ri hands Taffy a slice of Brie: Here’s some cheese to go with your whine.

(Everyone groans).

Rowan (a handsome young dragon with a roguish grin): Your Honor, it was at Lady Brightstar’s request that I made the Dandelion Wine for her. All profits were to be split 50-50.

Judge Ri (to Taffy): Is that true?

Taffy: Yes.

Judge Ri: So, what’s going on here?

Rowan: We broke up, that’s all, and she went off her rocker.

Taffy: Your Honor, I am suing this evil Dandelion Mage for pain and suffering and damages inflicted…

Rowan: Well, I am countersuing for…

Judge Ri: Enough, both of you.

(Taffy and Rowan keep arguing and screaming).

Judge Ri: Don’t make me come down there.

(They both yell louder and start throwing things at each other).

Judge Ri: All right, that’s it!

He descends from the bench, grabs them both, and gives each a sloppy, resounding lick on the nose.

Taffy and Rowan: AAAAIIIEEEEEEE!!!! (They run out of the courtroom still screaming).

Bailiff: That wraps it up for today’s episode of Judge Ri! See you next time, when we have the divorce case of The Bondage Fairy who was kept in captivity by a band of Elves and liked it!