Children of the Stars

When the Universe was young we were old.
Our home long ages gone, we lived among the stars.
We did not know fear, we did not know pain.
We simply were.
We sang as Gaia was born.
We gave her life.
She grew under our watchful eyes.
We knew joy.
She grew in beauty and swelled with life.
We cradled her in our arms as she gave birth.
We were joyful.
We sang her children lullabies.
We stood ready when they took those first fragile steps.
We knew joy.
Sadness came when Gaia’s children forgot.
They abused their mother.
We knew sadness.
We came to her children, to protect and to guide.
The Elf, the Hobbit, the Fey, the Vampyre, the spirit.
Wiccan, wizard alike we took form.
We came to help and to give hope.
We were scorned, we were hated.
We knew pain.
We knew fear.
Together we hid, under rock, under ground.
In the sacred sanctuary of the trees.
Gaia mourned for her children, Gaia mourned for us.
We did not mourn.
Many aeons we waited, centuries untold, time has no meaning for us.
We will always be reborn.
The children are awakening.
They are remembering.
We come together, we take up the call.
Hark the call of the awakening.
Remember the ancient songs, take up the melody.
Help the children remember.
Children of the Stars, AWAKE!

4 thoughts on “Children of the Stars”

  1. I’m not sure whether I directly remember this being posted on one of the lists or whether my recollection of encountering this piece comes from digging around in archives somewhat after the fact (looking for things to add to the handwritten first edition of my Faery Miscellany, so still that would be 16 or 17 years ago), but I think it’s interesting how this sort of sentiment would probably not fly (pun intended?) in today’s community.

    • No, it wouldn’t, on a number of different levels – some valid (“Wiccan” and “Wizard” as stand-ins for all the various magical and spiritual traditions on this planet, for instance), others less so. “Awakening” as a concept barely even exists anymore, it’s been replaced by “identifying” for much of the community due to the spiritual connotations of the former.

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