Hello! My name is Stuart, or Blue, whichever is easier. I am a fallen angel and also 2D from Gorillaz. I also happen to be a system. I discovered my otherkinity (is that a word) back in 2018 during a meditation session. I saw an image of an eye opening and then a bunch of 2D memories. How did you find out about it? I’d love to hear. Also, any other angels here?

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  1. You can pm me on kik at AngelProperty, ill tell you more there.

    Also, i have a friend whos a newly awakened angel. I could introduce you 2 on kik.

    Im notbtrying to promote kik. Its just my main form of communication 😂

  2. Hello and welcome. I do a lot of meditation myself and this is a vital way to sorting our my inner subconscious things about my alterhumanity for me. You can discover a lot by putting your mind in the right place.

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