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  1. Depending on what you mean by this post, I have a few suggestions. Let me know if you meant something else.
    If you’re lonely in the otherkin community, then the best thing to do is join a site full of like-minded individuals such as this one.
    If you’re lonely in your physical location’s community, then I suggest going to social events held by the community and actively look for people to talk to. Have a subject in mind that you can converse well about, hopefully not related to otherkin.
    If by “do it” you mean cope with yourself, then all I can say is that everyone is different. I write stuff in a makeshift electronic “diary” on a cell phone no longer connected to the Internet, and I don’t plan to share it ever but typing my problems out as if I’m telling them to someone for me is a good way to relieve the stress.
    If “do it” means keep my head up despite problems, then again, everyone is different. I do it by knowing that I always have more to do, and more that I can do, and so if I ever feel down, there’s something I can do and it makes me feel better.
    If “do it” means living a double life, then there are three options. The easy one is to come out so you don’t have to. The hardest one is to not do anything related to your true self and only be who people think you are. The best way I can think of to do this effectively is to find a period of time each day where you don’t come into contact with anyone, and use that time to howl at the moon (just the classic example) or whatever you feel like you need to do to feel comfortable as yourself. The rest of the time, when you are around others, always have something that takes effort to do, which is easier if you go to school or have a job.
    If “do it” is a euphemism, then ask a doctor. Or your mate.

    I hope this helps!

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