There is no solace on Earth for us, for such as we
Who seek a hidden city we may never come to see
Only the moon, the stars, the wind and the rain
The watch-fires under the universe, then the open road again

For where in ages past our hearts and souls did dwell
In secret glades of which no human tongue can tell
And now our souls untethered, upon that lonely road we roam
To seek with yearning in us, for that place we once called home

What tears may fall like rivers swift unto the sea do flow
What sorrows deep as ocean tides that only we may know
What hidden longing calls us from where the watch-fires burn
To journey on in hope of finding that for which we yearn

And yet through dreams from time to time, a glimpse beyond the veil
Or still in waking, a memory of some long forgotten tale
Stirs in us the faintest glow of hope within the heart
That Home, and we, may not be so many miles apart

And there shall come a fateful day, for all we gathered here.
When we may come to find again all that which we hold dear.
Where once again the watch-fires burn, and we no longer roam
And hand in hand, together we shall at last come home.

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