Where Have They Gone?

Where have all the faeries gone?
This I cannot say
But the woods are empty now
Where once they used to play
When I walk among the trees
I listen for their song
But the glades are silent now
Where have they all gone?

Where have all the dragons gone?
This I do not know
But their caves are empty now
Where did the dragons go?
When I walk among the hills
I look into the sky
But I see no dragons there
Where only birds now fly.

Where are all the unicorns?
Please tell me where they hid
Why did they run away from us?
Was it something that we did?
And tell me too, what of the elves
So magickal and fair?
Trooped away under their hills
Or vanished in the air?

Do not fear, my little one
Those unicorns and elves
And faeries bright and dragons brave
They have not hid themselves
They’re walking still among us
If you have eyes to see
In every town and country
That’s where those fair folk be

You see them everywhere you look
In every school and street
In every park and place of work
Among the folk you meet
If you look closely at me
You’ll see that I’m one too
And listen to your inner voice
My child, for so are you.

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