I am reaching out to you
Through the walls of my body
But my arms are not my heart
In the end you must find me
In the centre of my soul
Rests a fiercely glowing light
Through the blackness of my mind
Casts a glimpse of burning white
Round that star hang walls of glass
Colours through a prism swirled
Only shadows of that light
Live to reach the outside world
And the one who made that star
Is an elf of ancient lands
In my mind her essence dwells
In the lines upon my hands
I must meet another elf
In the light of the same star
Then I would not be alone
Come to me, if elf you are
So if you know how it feels
Reaching for the starlit sky
At the same time pulling back
No one hears your wordless cry
If your soul lies in that light
Form a land forgot by man
From the depths of ancient woods
Find me waiting if you can

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