True World

My eyes are clouded by a world untrue.
My mind is weakened by the things I do.
Every move I make is a shadow in the light.
This world has my thoughts of reality held tight.
I cannot see it, though I know it is there.
And when I reach out to touch it, all is bare.
This world that I look for holds my fate.
And now that I am stuck, it is too late.
I can only smile and remember,
A time when truth and I were together.
I hope someday that we will meet again.
And the true destiny of the world begin.
Though many will question what I say here,
You must understand and do not fear.
For you too are one like I,
And you shall never understand why.
Not unless you take a risk, and let all go.
Then all shall seep in and knowledge shall grow.
For until this time, all knowledge based on lies.
And still it is, I dont understand why.
So you must take charge and believe my word.
And let the voices to the speakers of truth be heard.

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