To Mine

The many words that I have danced across these pages
I realize dwell mainly on myself
In my defense as I go tumbling through the ages
Into no other soul may I so delve
So once more inward bound I now invite you
To the ticks and tocks that make me as I am
The words you read may frighten or delight you
But you’ll have a better view of where I stand

Can you see with child’s eyes wisps of dragons in the skies
And can you come to realize that all your myths are born of fact
The beasts that you pretend on which faerie coin you spend
Walk about in shapes of men and live their lives as one great act
There is a land behind the wind with dragons, sylphs and trolls within
Where fell beasts lurk with twisted grins and magick flows through elfin veins
It’s a home I’ve left behind the passage back I cannot find
To a mundane hell I am consigned and by my pack I’m thought insane
That barb has no current sting and it seems a petty thing
Within my soul the true song rings and I can live with lack of faith
For my blood sings Darkling songs immune to sin I do no wrong
Becloaked in darkness I belong though creature fae so too a wraith
I sup on rich, sweet life by force of will, slim fang or knife
A thirst shared by brother, child and wife and a curious thing I’ve found
Though loathsome beast I have been called and by solitude I am enthralled
And though by noise I am apalled their voices are the sweetest sounds
Sickened by my situation and for my tale no confirmation
In this grim hell a consolation: Those I’m honored to call friend
You know just who you are and though the bond oft stretches far
I keep you all within my heart and my love will never know an end

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