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Hi 🙂 in this life my name is Alyssa, but my spirits name is Saphira (not Sapphira), and im a nymph-witch hybrid. I feel most at home when swimming or floating in the water, i love wildlife and they love me. Im not sure what kind of nymph i am, as i have traits of a water nymph and a storm nymph (i think thats what its called??), i know far more about my witch lineage. Originally im a nymph (in case i havent said that enough yet 😂) and about 100 years ago i started being born into this lineage of witches. My lineage is of healers. My grams could heal plants and restore the recently deceased plants, my mother (in this life) has a healing touch (passive), and i work with auras. Also im new to this site so idk how pm’s or anything work. Msg me tho if you’re interested 🙂 oh and also, im pansexual.

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  1. @hellsqueen1875, then you may want to consider doing further research and get personal accounts in your studies. There are many different kinds of fae, elves and nymphs included, but elves and nymphs are not the same thing. Nymphs are natures caretakers, elves are the residents of nature. The difference between elves and humans is that humans are murderous and wreckless and hateful, and elves are kind and loving and caring to nature and her caretakers.

    Nymphs (of all kinds, as far as i know) have been good friends with elves. Back when humans werent an issue-or even a majority-we used to share the same resources. We were part of eachothers subcultures, neither was more or less important/good than the other. They protected us, and we kept their crops happy and their fish fatty. We were like family almost. This may be why your research has drawn you to the conclusion that we are the same.

    @everyone: Sorry i havent been on in so long. Been incredibly busy.

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