Hi there!

Hello! My name is Sam, and I am a hybrid. I had my awakening recently, and I’m really fresh to this. I’m both a Siberian tiger, and a buck. I go by male pronouns and am really out going. I’m from redding California, and would maybe like to find some friends in or around my area to help me figure out these new emotions, and lifestyle. I started out as a furry, still am, but I feel more connected to my Tiger side. My chosen name is Horne, you can call me H.

I have linked memories, and experiences. I have had lucid dreams of stalking pray, or walling through snow, feeling the chill of it in my paws,  and the dripping off blood from a fresh kill, and so much strength. I can feel it clawing to get out, I love to sit in the sun, and enjoy neck and back rubs the most.


If there’s anyone who can further explain everything and try and help me understand, don’t be afraid to message me, thanks!

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