My Otherkin Story

Hello my name is fluffy I am a fox therian. I decided to join this website after Shiro kicked me off kinmunity for believing in physical shifting which I have a feeling might be very hypocritical since I heard shiro and I quote say “The country’s laws doesn’t apply to kinmunity.” which makes me wonder if he might be hiding something but anyways. I also have extreme beef with the admins of kinmunity so don’t even get me started on that. On top of that some of the people from kinmunity are a little or should I say extremely crazy once when you get to know them as well as I did.

So enough of me ranting about my beef with kinmunity I found out I was a fox therian after I did numerous different guided meditations each resulting in me seeing a fox as my theriotype. At first I didn’t believe it which is why I tried it many times after a while it finally clicked with me “This is real.”

My family doesn’t think non humans exist which is why I wish I could educate humans about non humans. I swear I feel like a character from X-Men the way I just worded that but anyways. I want to change the world and make it a much better place.

Now what got me into the otherkin community was one day I decided I wanted to be a werewolf. Not a werefox like I do now but a werewolf. I think the reason for that was I was a furry at the time and that was my fursona. I met these people on this very strange website that were complete lunatics. They thought they were gods (believe me I have ran into more people like that way too often. Very strange I know.) I fell for them because they seemed very able to manipulate me with there charm. The happiest day of my life was when they blocked me on social media. It just drove me crazy how much they would bother me everyday and how I wouldn’t realize it. They told me they were werewolves and they killed bad werewolves. Long story short I think they were in a cult. I can’t believe it wasn’t I who blocked them first lol. Anyways I then joined kinmunity because I was experiencing phantom shifts anyways that is all. Thanks!!!

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  1. Physically shifting is not possible. If you own a book that claims to teach you how, it’s lying. presents a number of reasons why, without even getting into the issue of the fact that our own immune systems would attack any cells that changed their dna. This can happen even with transplanted human organs, let alone cells and organs from an entirely different species. also contains a lot of solid arguments against the possibility of pshifting. There has never been any evidence of anyone successfully pshifting in the community, and no credible member of the community claims that it is possible.

    Moreover, Shiro is quite correct – the United States Constitution guarantees that the government will not create laws which impose limits on free speech. It does not say that website owners are under any obligation to provide you with a platform for your speech if they disagree with it. He is within his rights to “discriminate” against you for claiming that physical shapeshifting is possible on his server.

    Here we do not have a rule against making such claims, but doing so is liable to reduce your credibility with other members of the community and make them less likely to respect you. Being otherkin does not require one to abandon the use of logic and critical thinking.

    • First of all I can’t believe you are using tumblr as a reference lol. Science is always changing and I believe it will one day catch up to that. Second of all I can believe what I want. I am hurting none. Shiro was hurting me kicking me off his site. Also I can share the book with my friends with their permission.

      • Tumblr is a platform, not a source. The sources I am using as a reference, who published these essays on Tumblr, are two individuals I know personally. One has a degree in biology and is working in the medical field. The second was the author of the first book written on the subject of otherkin. As for the idea that you are hurting no one, the harm you are doing is the same as that caused by those who spread belief in young earth creationism, a flat earth, or other conspiracy theories. Because it would take a conspiracy of epic proportions to hide it if pshifting were possible. Every nation on the planet, even those at war with each other, would have to be in on it. Every scientific and academic and religious institution. Every media outlet. Because otherwise, anyone who could pshift would be famous by now, plus have claimed the one million dollar prize James Randi offered for evidence of the supernatural.

        Defending a falsehood requires making the truth, and any methods of accurately finding the truth, your enemy.

  2. Hrrrm, well. I don’t think you’re going to find a lot of acceptance for physical shifting here, either.

    I’m not sure what Shiro might have precisely meant by “The country’s laws doesn’t apply to kinmunity”. You would need to provide more context. But if it was as regards “free speech”, that only means the government is not allowed to restrict you. Most online communities are ultimately private spaces, and whoever owns it can decide what speech is and is not allowed.

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