A conversation if you will.

I was on a website like this a long time ago when i was starting to awaken, amd that seems so far away from where i am now and what ive learned about the worlds and reality, not just myself. But the community still seems so scientific and logic based and full of hypocrits. Doesnt anyone dream anymore? Cant we just dream and be children a little while longer? Thays what i needed when i was 13, but nobody would give it to me. But as a man of 23, having remembered a great deal of my past and who i have been, i dont mind letting others dream, i want you to think and dream, because its those dreams, that help you remember who you were and help you know who you need to be.

Don’t think I’ll lie and just let you be happy with your dreams though, the world is harsh, and i will tell you my truths, and what i have learned, it is up to you to disagree and ponder them if you wish, nothing i say is finite, it is simply my belief, it is the answers i have found, and i have searched with others to find.

  1. Tell me your dreams, and i will tell you mine, i have lived a very long time and have a lot of them to tell. A thousand faces, a thousand names, i will do what i can to help, less i be just a voice in the wind.

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