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  1. I don’t know if it’s that WordPress only permits a certain comment thread depth or if it’s not possible to reply to comments made by @otherkinnet for some reason, but there isn’t a reply link on the post https://www.otherkin.net/2017/01/this-site/#comment-38, so:

    Basically he seems to be of the opinion it’s no longer useful because it does not have enough activity. He posted about it here https://otherkincommunity.net/topic9767 on November 18th, although that’s not visible to non-members, so I’ll extract a few key bits:

    “As of the past couple of months, the Community has slowed to a halt—where we once had multiple daily registrations, we now have had one over the past couple of months. The forums are all but inactive. … And so with all things considered, I feel that it’s time to lay OKC to rest on December 1st, 2016. At that time, both otherkincommunity.net and otherkincommunity.org will be replaced with this message, and nothing else. The Otherkin Community, Inc. will be dissolved some time thereafter. … I have considered my options over the years, and I have decided that an archive of OKC will not be made available. … While many of the conversations on these forums are excellent resources and excellent first-hand accounts, they are also deeply personal experiences that should only be shared by those who experienced them; providing an everlasting archive to OKC would be almost like archiving everyone’s family pictures and diaries in a museum. I don’t find that to be appropriate. … I will provide users with the option to export all personal data associated with their account, such as posts and PMs. More information will be provided on December 1st.”

    It’s that last bit that seems to be taking a lot more time than he anticipated, so as of today, at least, everything is still operational. On November 30th he posted “a few more days” and then on January 17th said it had been “ambitious” to think he could get it done that quickly, and that’s where we are (no further ETA).

    I’m not aware of a move to hand the forum off to Seraphyna, although she has been the active mod for years while Clodaus was frequently absent for months or more at a time. He may have considered the option, but it seems it wasn’t his final decision.

    • I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s just a thread-depth thing. I’ll try to keep an eye on Otherkincommunity.net, then, and update its AnOtherWiki article when they switch the site over to that placeholder message. Thanks for letting me know.

    • This incarnation of the site actually is fairly new. The domain was originally registered quite a long time ago now (2000, I think?) but it had been dormant in terms of activity for some years and then offline for a while before Jarandhel took it over from Malcolm. It also didn’t used to have much user-to-user interaction like this, so even people that were familiar with it from before and glad to see it back might still be thinking of it more as a static resource.

        • Unfortunately, not really. Otherkin email lists, forums, and journal communities have all steeply declined in activity over the past ten to fifteen years. The Otherkin Community forum, https://otherkincommunity.net/forums, for a while had been the most active one I personally was on, but Clodaus (the owner) announced last month he was going to shut it down and it’s just sort of in limbo while he works on a way for people who want to to export their content. I hear Kinmunity https://www.kinmunity.com/ gets some activity but I am not a member and I cannot vouch for its goodness.

          • I’ve been pretty busy offline recently and haven’t had as much of a chance to keep an eye on things here, so I apologize for the lateness in approving some comments/replies across the site. Just seeing this now. Did Clodaus say why he was shutting down the site? I was under the impression he had previously decided to hand it over to Seraphyna.

  2. Welcome, FairView! This site is fairly new, and although there are ~ 50 members, there are rarely many people online at the same time. Like many other discussion boards, it may take several days or longer to get a response, but eventually someone will probably log in and see your post(s). 🙂

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