The Silent Musings

if one would know Faerie,
seek solitude…
silently and alone, walk many times
in sun, in wind, in storm, or thick mist,
through woods, on hills, over rocks,
into the wild places of this world…
watch from among them the course
of the sun and the moon,
from east to west, sunrise to sunset,
from new moon to full moon,
in silent solitude…
even by day,
is a deeper silence
full of profound meaning…
the natural beauty without
awakens the divine beauty within…
is a mystic stillness
broken only by the ceaseless
beating of the sea waves,
flowing of rivers and brooks,
singing of trees,
voices of the Ancestors…
in solitude…
is a more divine music
than any earthly tune…
the song of creation,
we are in the song
and the song is in us…
of Land, and Sea, and Sky,…
of gentle mountains flowing
into fertile valleys of land waves
into well-tilled plains…
in solitude
are the mystic breezes
from the OtherWorld
flowing into the Here and Now,
blending with this world…
hazy are the boundaries,
filmy are the veils,
in solitude…
be alone but never lonely,
an overlapping consciousness
of an invisible OtherWorld
mingles with this world daily…
deep down inside,…
the sacred fires still burn on hilltops,
the sacred groves still grow
immortal in the Green…
our Ancestors walk among us
in nature… innate…
in solitude…
…if one would know Faerie.

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