The Journey

One day as I lay all stretched out on the floor
I knew that I could deny myself no more
So I watched the wall’s texture take form of a door
Shining brightly as I walked through
Sparkling purple, glittering blue
A traveller there holding strangely his face
He seemed to know why I had come to that place
So I nodded to him and we kept the same pace
Through a fog of old memory
Seemed closer to myself than me
We walked through singing hills, joyful as we went
‘Till we met a girl living lone in a tent
In her isolation her soul had been bent
Her intention was to be free
Yet she had lost her liberty
Somehow in our minds we made ourselves go on
Yet she kept appearing far after we’d gone
A realisation upon us then dawned
We could somehow help her open
Her mind which had long been broken
We showed her the sights she’d forgotten to see
The petals of flowers, the leaves of a tree
Soon she was ecstatically alive and free
By life in all its forms entranced
The three of us together danced
With a wave of our hand we let loose the stars
Forgot who we were for we’d travelled so far
Lay down to the knowledge that we were not ours
Thus entwined our journey ended
With not one but three minds mended

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