Surrounded on all sides
With a feeling of unease
I don’t belong here
Get me out please

A hand appears in the crowd
I hold on tight and run away
Then I realize that what I’ve seen
Is the dream on the end of day

Surrounded by freezing water
Rising fast with numbing slice
Dark restless shapes swim beside me
As the ones I once knew walk on ice

Footsteps pounding everywhere
Mudslide, avalanche, flood
Covered and tarnished with knowledge
That I’m lost in false blood

I can never go back to my self
I have to cover difference or die
Wings beat at my shoulders
But I’m not allowed to fly

The shining beacon is blinking
But it’s lost in foggy night
There is pitch black all around me
And I know I hold the light

But for tomorrow and tomorrow
I’ll shut my eyes to this hurt
Lost in a world I never wanted
A gold statue covered in dirt

So I’ll remember a time, long ago
When voices sang and the world was fair
For when this one comes crashing down,
I know I will return there.

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