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need advice on a short story

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    Hey, y’all.

    I’m trying to write a very short story/fable about an elven star goddess , partly because I enjoy that kind of thing and partly because I’m hoping to be able to recall or channel some real info that way. I have two questions.

    1. There are two names for Her that came to me instantly. Zil-Terrai, and Ammasa-Allara. Do these names mean anything to anyone else?
    2. The basic outline of my story so far is: star goddess gets lonely and dies of a broken heart, star goddess reincarnates, star goddess figures out how to create trees. And then there’s gonna be some stuff about love, and elves. Is that familiar to anyone, or is this all me being all up in my feels? I’m really just curious and trying to work through a bit of writers block here. And don’t worry, I’ll post the story when it’s done. 🙂
    Arethinn aTinderel

    Isn’t Allara the Star Goddess/Mother Goddess/Creatrix of the Elenari? There was one Dancing the Endless Dream or Summer Gateways or something I remember when Syleniel had some mayhaw jelly (?) tarts, or something like that, that she said she had put the energy of this goddess into (and I remember some of us quite liking them and some not so much, myself included 😉 ), and I think the name was Allara. If Dan sees this, maybe he can help my memory of what event it was.


    Yes, Allara is the Elenari creatrix goddess. That’s absolutely correct. 🙂 I’ll have to see what I think of the finished story…fell behind on it due to other stuff, but possibly will make some progress on it tomorrow.

    <span style=”line-height: 1.8;”>Mayhaw, yum yum. Lol. I remember Georgia making a mayhaw cake that was good, but never had Syleniel’s tarts. </span>

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