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Jeremiah Wolfe Free Past Life Regression Hypnosis Mp3 (Results)

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    So, I thought I’d post something on-topic. 🙂

    I’ve listened to this particular past life regression recording twice, and both times I seem to have had interesting results. I don’t know exactly how to describe what I’ve seen…it’s not quite as vivid as dreaming, or as realistic as my memories of this life. I don’t know if that means they might not be real past life memories, or if that’s just how it works for me. It’s almost like watching little stories that my brain has made up, without a whole lot of emotional involvement, but I’m open to the possibility that there could be factual components in there. Here is what I saw last night.

    In this session I saw an elven life. The first thing that came to me was a square or rectangular outdoor pool in a courtyard at night. A few moments later, a vast valley overlooking a forest, and sitting on horseback. My sword is at my side. A fellow rider appears…another elf, male, with straight sandy-colored hair. The scene switches back to the pool and I can feel myself splashing around. I’m there with the male and a very beautiful female with violet eyes who must be listari. 😉 The next thing I see is an official ceremony with many soldiers in their light blue and silvery robes. It’s a kind of recognition of the end of our draft service, and the man presiding over it says he hopes we never have to use our blades again. I am given a garland of large whitish-pink hibiscus-like flowers to wear around my neck. My girlfriend and I visit the resting place of our other companion, the male. I can’t tell if he’s dead or in magical stasis, but I take off my garland and leave it with him. I married the lady with the violet eyes and didn’t return to my childhood home in the mountains.

    Dan O’Dea

    That’s… interesting.

    Among the Tulari, the blue-and-silver was the colors of the Endras’tai, what you might call the Royal Guard or Palace Guard.

    The Endras’tai were more formal than the Adras’tai, and only served in the main city/palace, or with members of the family of the En’rai/Er’rai, in the times were there was an En’rai or Er’rai.

    I don’t remember if the Listari “First Family” had Royal Guards, because I didn’t move in those circles.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>In all honesty, I’m highly skeptical of everything I saw in that “regression”. There are a number of them on YouTube etc, but they’re all a little too “Let’s walk down a hundred stair steps and then choose a door to go through. Open the door. Slowly. Suspensefully. Now….What do you Seeeee?” lol. I’m lucky if my brain decides to make up anything or not, and when it does, it doesn’t feel “real”, you know?</p>


    But yanno…with that being said, I haven’t listened to the recording in a long time now. I think I’ll give it another try and see if anything else comes. 🙂

    Arethinn aTinderel

    The whole “walk down a staircase until you see a door” thing is a very common visioning for entering the Underworld, which (I suppose I don’t have to specify to you, Liryen, but am saying for completeness) is a place to find personal and ancestral memory. On the other hand, it is proper to be skeptical of results of such inductions, because as you allude to, it’s quite possible for the brain to simply make something up. On the gripping hand, one should take care not to squash blossoming long-shining-rememberings because they don’t immediately stand up to scrutiny. On the balancing limb, one does hope they eventually all hang together!

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