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my meditation experience / can someone explain it?

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    hey there,

    my name is zeru, im female and im 22 years old.

    im not a forum person and i somehow find it a bit awkward to ask for help but there is something i dont understand. i hope someone can answer me.

    well, i always had a strong connection to dragons but i only found out about otherkins a few years ago. before that i never asked myself why i am so obsessed with dragons and why they are a strong fundament in my life. somehow, it was natural for me. just other find it weird. so, i searched for an answer and i found out about otherkins. i researched alot. for days. i tried mediations and they didnt work. i dropped it for months and then i began to research again because i couldnt rest well about my lack of knowledge about myself. my driving instructor and i talked alot while my driving lessons and he told me that he is sort of an angelkin(i cant remember much about it, it was almost 2 years ago). i told him about my life and dragons. so he lent me a book about different dragons and how to find your dragon. so i read it. i mediate. it was actually really nice, i think i was in trance and it felt more real than the other attempts. it was about walking through the forest and climbing a giant rock where i will meet my dragon. after climbing i turned to the beautiful sight which pictured the path i went and now feeling that the dragon will behind me, breathing. which i actually felt. my heart raced. i was excited. according to the book when i feel ready to face him, i should turn around again. after i calmed myself down and saying to myself that i am ready, i turned around. what i saw was weird. it was a shadow.  but not a shadow reflection from the sun on the floor. it was a shadow, lifeless and like a giant statue. just shadowish. the book said i should now walk around him, looking at him. which i did, but since it was like a dead shadow, i havent seen much. the mediation was over. i felt strange and now i have more questions than before. i often think about it dont know what to do. i dont know any otherkins and less a mentor.

    i may be not exactly sure if i am an otherkin but i know, there is something about dragons and that i have an urge to be a dragon, since i am a child. so even tho i might not be a kin, they make me happy. so it broke my heart seeing this dead creature behind me. also, i dont know if its important, but i havent found anything about my dragon-me, a pastlife or anything. just this.

    i never understand it and i would be really greateful when someone would help me finding the answer.  thank you for your time.



    edit: i forgot to tell that the shadow creature had a dragon shape, which i havent described in the text above. for some who wants to know.

    Gary Leigh

    In my experience, there seem to be dragons everywhere. So it would not be improbable that you may be a dragonkin. Normally I can tell if someone is a dragon (especially if they are male) but have not come across female ones that I’m aware of.

    Still, if you feel comfortable, feel free to send me a photo of you and I can take a look at your energy.


    thank you for your answer, but i must decline about that. i wouldnt feel very well about sending a picture of me to a stranger.

    i also hope besides figuring out if i am an otherkin to find out what that shadow dragon statue means.

    still thanks for answering.

    8 wing

    first off try this again ask what to call him/her but not actual name example shadow then just point at the ground and say it if what you say is a creature that will summon it works for me and grim

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