A group for people who identify as all kinds of Dragons, spiritually or mentally.
The focus of this group is to discuss draconity, and how our draconity affects our lives.

Welcome! Please make sure to read the group rules below:

1. Keep it mature. Keep in mind that even if dicussions sometimes become heated, name-calling and disrespect will not be permitted in this group.
2. Keep in mind that we as otherkin come from all walks of life, and our draconity may be different for all of us. Respect that.
3. No spam or advertising is allowed in this group. If you want to advertise, ask an admin for permission.
4. Nudity or erotic material is not allowed, ever.
5. Only discussions of draconity and dragon related topics are allowed in this group. Stay on topic.
6. Be polite!
7. If you are bothered by someting or is having a problem with another member, please privately message an admin for support.

Rules may be updated occasionally.

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