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    Hiya, guys. I’m up late tonight out of excitement (busy day ahead, so I don’t expect to get a ton of sleep), and so I thought I would share a thing that’s been on my mind recently: awakening more fully and “vibrantly”.

    Lately I’ve begun to wonder if perhaps I never awakened as deeply/fully as I really could, to an extent that I feel would be beneficial to me. Although possibly that realization is the beginning of a broader awareness. I can feel it stirring partially inside me when I’m not too distracted…listening to music that feels “elven” helps for sure. I discovered the Moody Blues thanks to an old list of songs that Syleniel (of included on that site, and something about it does carry an elfyness to me as well. I’m also trying out the Awakening reiki sigil on to see if it helps me work through whatever fogginess may need/want to be cleared.

    For whatever reason, I feel strongly that it is Time to wake up. I have slept long enough and had a lot of crazy dreams, but I must become ever more of my true s’elf and go deeper, and deeper still.

    So I’ll pose this question. What, if anything, have you done to further your own Awakening?


    What have I done to further my own Awakening? Personally, I’ve spent the past 17 years exploring, documenting, and comparing and contrasting my memories of other lives with others who remember the same or similar things. I’ve gone over memories in what, to many, would be exhausting detail to wring every bit of information possible from them.

    There’s often a lot that can be deduced from the contents of a memory that may not be directly obvious. Let’s say you have a memory of traveling: what is the method of traveling? A culture that travels by horseback (or an equivalent animal) is different from one which travels by camel (or an equivalent animal) and is different still from one which travels by some form of flighted animal.  And all of these cultures are different from ones which use mechanical means of transportation. Even if you’re walking, there is possible information: is the road you are walking on wide or narrow? The wider the road, the more traveled it will tend to be.  Is it dirt, gravel, cobble, paved? If paved, can you tell what materials are used – modern asphalt is very different from the stone blocks used by the Romans. How well maintained is it?  Do you have any idea of the travel time and/or distances involved?  All of these details can provide clues about the culture you were part of. Now, what about your footwear? Your clothes? The other belongings you were carrying? Pay attention not just to what things are, but the materials used and how they are put together and what that implies about the technology and/or magic involved.

    Every memory is dense with information, if you take the time to explore it. And working with those memories is what is going to lead you deeper into Awakening. The old Lostkin Project would stand as both a good example for that and another resource you might check out on the subject of “awakening more fully”. The mailing list itself has not seen much traffic in some time, but the list archives remain and span a period of active discussion from 1999 through 2012, with hundreds of members.


    I’ve gone over memories in what, to many, would be exhausting detail to wring every bit of information possible from them.

    I think that’s valid.

    I believe that I remember a few things about elf lives I’ve had on other worlds, but I don’t know if all of those little fragments belong to the same lifetime. In one life, I was a soldier in a society that had a draft (kind of like Israel, where everybody does their mandatory military service), though I don’t know if I ever saw battle. I think I was female, and our armor was silver and light blue. That’s not all I know about that, but I won’t carry on forever. This world was technologically advanced, and like Aelvaron there were mountains and two suns, but I do not think this was Aelvaron. It was not destroyed, but still exists today, although I’m told there’s recently been some political turmoil in the form of a “revolution”. I do not know why I left.

    In one life, probably my most recent past incarnation, I spent at least part of my childhood living in a beautiful house that looked a bit like it was constructed with lots of white wood beams. In one life there was a place with buildings that had colorful dome roofs. Sadly, it seems like it’s a bit easier to recall places than people or events.

    I will spend some time looking at the Lostkin archives to see if anything jumps out at me. I have learned to be patient when it comes to memory stuff, and not have too many expectations. But I have found some success with hypnosis recordings, which tend to relax me a bit more than guided meditations.



    Also, forgot to mention it earlier, but I also have some language stuff – possibly remembered, possibly just ‘speechflowfeel’ word salad. I’ve written a good bit about it on Tumblr.


    I know I originally posted this eons ago, but just wanted to note that I recently got back into trying out reiki symbols for Otherkin woo purposes, and I feel like I’m responding well to Da’laern. It doesn’t feel like a chaotic unlocking (i.e., a Pandora’s box.) More like a key that allows for things that were previously inaccessible to be safely released and integrated. It seems to have a spiritually or psychologically healing aspect; not sure if it will also eventually assist in memory recall. For now, I just want to experience it and let Spirit guide that process. I’m liking it very much.

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