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    hey, I’m Azlyn.

    Im in the beginning stages here. I realise that.

    There aren’t that many other kin communities anymore. It was fated I stumbled upon this site when I did.

    I used to be apart of the IAmAnIncarnatedAngel group, on Experience Project, before it closed down. That was the closest otherkin community I had been apart of, but I was young then. The site is gone now. I’m not very close with too many from the community.

    Everything disappeared. Now I’m here.


    I want ant to find as much info about the truth as I can. I’m interested in the opinions and knowledge of others and other Angelkin here. I read something that says that we don’t like or get along with other Angelkin, but I disagree.

    I hope those in the Angelkin community reach out.





    Hello, Azlyn. Welcome.

    I’m not sure where you read that angelkin don’t like or get along with one another. In my experience, that’s not really the case. In its heyday, the angelkin mailing list on yahoogroups had hundreds of members, lively discussions, and a real sense of community. Unfortunately it, like pretty much all of the otherkin community mailing lists and most of the community forums, has since fallen out of use. The angelkin section of this site has yet to really take off, but I’m hopeful that may change in the future.

    Again, welcome.

    Dan O’Dea

    I was part of the angelkin yahoo group, back in the day.

    Many of us did get along with one another.

    It isn’t much that we talked about with outsiders, though.

    Fight Club Rules.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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