Dark Elves in the style of Liryen

A question that has occasionally come up in the community is, what is a Dark Elf? Or, more specifically, what is it that I mean when I use that term.

In my personal opinion, there are many kinds of elves who could be called dark elven. Some people might use this to describe Drow or Draestari, although I would not personally consider them one and the same. I am also not referring to the Norse Svartalfar, although certainly these could also be called dark.

To me, a dark elf is not really “dark” due to their physical coloring. They are not necessarily dark-skinned, although they may be frequently dark-haired.

If a “light elf” is comparable to a ray of sunlight shining through leaves, or a star in the sky, a dark elf is the velvet night surrounding the star.

In the dark, there are many mysterious things, and dark elves are also a little bit mysterious. They are ordinary elves, but their magic is secret yet from their brothers of the light, and they are fiercely protective of it.

Some people think that dark elves are evil or cruel, and this is not the case. They are just perhaps better acquainted with some of the darker emotions and elements of life.

They have much to teach us.

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  1. ” a dark elf is the velvet night surrounding the star.”

    Even humans are literally made of stardust, of the elements created by nova and supernova.

    Elves are “more”.
    Elves are children of starlight, rather than stardust.
    Light or Dark, they carry the light and song of the stars.

    Night and Starlight were my first loves, even as a very young child.

    “..night, that soothes the ragged edge of day…”

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