The troubles of being a pagan otherkin

The troubles of being a pagan otherkin

Back in the day, when we all discovered being otherkin or other, regardless of kin type,

Paganism was a varied lifestyle choice, in which you were not equal to deity. Now, looking back I find that I am equal to deity. In fact, may even be deity. This is not an ego thing. I don’t have an ego, as some may know of me know that I eat, sleep, breathe ascension. I am ascended, and I am transcended. I am Strigoi, and not a vampire academy fan. Strigoi have similar characteristics to Elves, Sidhe, and even therians with the energy shifting. To shift the energy of oneself is to see an object, say for instance a shadow behind a tree, you can “feel” this shadow form, and become apart of it, thus trading your aura energy from that of a persona to that shadow behind a tree. This is how people become invisible in front of others. You can see them if you focus on them, but you will not “feel” their presence.

The act of being other is also mind boggling to the Paganism cultures. They can not accept, for fear of rejection that we are the Good folk, the noble gentry, the Sidhe, without a court or what not — Scottish Caledonian tradition. We are not here to judge them as pagans, for goodness sakes, do what you will! But take no shat! “The little people, are little.” No, according to history, early Christians drove out, or under, these people and their religion to the hills, thus making them little, but not in stature, but you can’t tell anyone anything. Let them believe what they want too, we did not come here to get their approval.

I don’t think the early Christians did anything. I think everyone at that point was just trying to stay ahead of the season, working in the field, not driving anything anywhere. Paganism, even to a pagan, even being other can get old to you if you let it and then you are not doing anything for a sabbat or a gather at spring, or fall. I don’t dislike Christians or Christianity, I dislike fundies. It can be just as bad to be a Fundie of sciences than that of a Christian religion. I can find similarity in Christianity, and other bible paths and denominations than I even can with pagans or heathens. I like and respect all traditions, even if it does not make sense. You can’t tell people, they have to learn it on their own.

Then, at some point, you will fall away from your spiritual path, and question yourself. “Ok, I know I am Vamp, Fae, Therian etc…where is my faith?” There are no wolven paths, no therian religions, very little vampire religion, and the Scots/Irish traditions are for the family witch of Scotland or Ireland, not the Faerie. Then you realize you live a faith, instead of are a faith. There is no God before you. You are your own deity. Your own God. That is when we all realize something powerful about ourselves in a good way. By George, you made it back to base camp.

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  1. This is true for me, as well. For me, I believe in all of the deities, but I have always found them childish. I don’t fully understand why, and no offense is meant by my statement, but I think I do understand what you are saying.

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