The Tale of the Star People (an origin myth)

In the deep ages before Time existed as we know it, the stars were not bound in the heavens but floated like gems in the primordial waters. The Gods, although they were not really gods then, amused themselves by diving and catching stars and soon turned to games of sport. It became a competition among them, to possess the stars. But ‘ere long, the waters of the deep grew darker and murkier, for the cherished stars could not live forever.

The Gods lamented and created Birth and Renewal, so that new stars could come into being and once again light the darkness. They were not immortal, however, for even the Gods cannot erase Death.

Millions of years passed, and as is the way of Evolution, new creatures arose from the waters and began to crawl around on those parts of the water that had become more solid and defined of form. They swam, creeped, and crawled – and one or two even flew, and these became the Dragons. But another group of beings mimicked the Gods and loved the stars. They played games of catch, but lacked the wisdom of gods and so eventually began fighting each other over their gassy treasures.

The Gods put their heads together, and said, “This will not do. If these creatures are not curbed and set aright, they will be but a mockery of Us.” And they devised a plan.

They created new worlds for the creatures to dwell in, and set some of the stars high in the night skies. Then they gathered them together in their new lands, and set before them the task of becoming as Gods, over many ages, so that one day they might be learned enough to resume their old games. And the creatures wept and lamented. Taking pity upon them, the Gods granted them a single star and told them that they must share it amongst themselves equally. And so they became known as the Star People, also called the Elves.

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