Oni is the Japanese roughly equivalent to western demonic ogre or giant. the physical manifestation of an oni is usally very demonic looking, huge and musclular, fangs and horned. the body of an oni is unbelievably tough and resistant. common colors of oni are usally red, black or blue skin. it is said an oni can transform to a human to hide their true form. They are somewhat mischievious and excellent illusionists. oni love the taste of human meat and will often disguish themselves as humans living amongst them snatching up a victim or two.

it is said oni are very tempremental, hot headed, discovering oneself as being oni, usally begins with a fierce temper to begin a change. female oni are called "hannya". if a limb is severed, oni regenerate quickly or the arm or leg quickly re-attaches itself. these creatures are highly intelligent, and enjoy mocking humanity. some oni may be very dangerous, youthful ones might appear to be more friendly, depending on the type.